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Danger Negotiation
by Tam

Using email as a negotiating offers great advantages. Because of its immediacy, we can move more quickly in the negotiating process, especially in the initial stages, where the exchange of information is basic, and in the end, when we are close to agreement and closing microacuerdos need to go. It is essential when there is geographical distance between the parties and not worth the face to face and highly desirable when negotiators are comfortable with this way of communication. But the email also can poison the negotiations. May, in fact, poison any conversation, no matter how good the intention. A few years ago, made famous the statement "the medium is the message" and makes some less, with the appearance of stars in our interconnected lives of spam or junk mail, I read somewhere an adaptation of the sentence that read "if the media is the message, someone should shoot the messenger.

" It seemed a very wise words in that context and also applicable to the field of negotiation. If going to negotiate, to deal with a conflict situation through email should think about the impact of the environment in what is negotiated and the relationship with those negotiations and to act appropriately, using large doses of common sense. Always a target Like any interaction, we set a concrete target for each of the messages they leave our outbox. What do we get? What is the specific objective? How email to help us achieve our goal? Why is the best way for the goal? Would it be better to use other means? Much of the negotiation meetings fail because they lack adequate preparation, which define the purpose for this meeting is key.

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April 19th


by Tam

Back in the 1920s, when the Polish-American entrepreneur Leo Gerstenzang invented cotton swabs as a safer way to clean your baby’s ears, he called his product “Q-Tip.” In fact, his name first choice was “Baby Gay? , But that did not sell, so the familiar name emerged. Mr. Gerstenzang chose “Q” Quality. . . and must have been something, because Q-Tip has become a household word (and we’ve developed a whole is ORT Ude the connotations of “Gay Baby.”) What did Q-Tip a good choice for an acronym that is going round in motivational workshops these days: stop taking it personally! I have a jar of those white-tipped tools in my vanity, and every morning I remember to use this quick and easy stress reduction technique: Q-Tip It! The traffic jam or on the rim, or the keys that are locked in the car are not part of a plan to ruin your day. Q-Tip It? Quit take it personally! The keys can never be found are just inanimate objects, and there is no moral value attributed to being able to find everything anyway.

Q-Tip It! The computer freezes as soon as you have an important report to print is really just a stupid machine. Take a deep breath and repeat the theme of accepting the things you can not change. Above all – Q-Tip It! The supervisor who wants everything done yesterday have a problem with time management and programming. You’re more likely to find a constructive way to address this persistent stress if Q-Tip It! The 5-pound can not seem to lose is just a ball of fat. . . not a moral failure. Do you know what to do? eat less, move more.

So get moving. . . and Q-Tip It! Children who do not call often enough probably are really busy (and not raise me to be independent?). Q-Tip It! The colleague who always says is doing wrong is telling you about their needs rather than their way of doing things. Q-Tip It! Do you have a spouse (or friend, or child), who always seems to ignore the things that you say? Most likely she / he is hard of hearing, forgetful, or caught in their own priorities rather than trying to become insane. Q-Tip It! ______________________________________________ (Insert your own stress? And Q-Tip It!) You get the picture. . . and image, too. Stress is not what happens to us. It is our response to what happens. And the answer is something we can choose. So what? Q-Tip It! Mr. Gerstenzang white tip of the tool as a memory hook, a way of relieving personal stress, their reactions, the way you choose to respond to the events of his life. (C) Maureen Killoran, 2005 Maureen Killoran, MA, DMin, is a life coach with a passion for helping people connect their strengths with their vision. Maureen offers dynamic individual and group coaching, work team empowerment training, teleclasses, and a free monthly e-zine, “Seeds of Change.

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April 17th


Silk Painting
by Tam

Batik is a kind of hand-painted on silk using reserving trains. Batik – Indonesian word. Tik means "point" or "drop", ba – cloth. Ambatik – paint, weep, to hatch. On silk (wet, dry, hot) applied the appropriate dyes. For a clear separation of colors in batik used reserve (special composition (usually on the basis of petrol, paraffin)). There are many ways of painting fabrics, such as: cold batik Hot batik, batik nodosa, free painting. They differ mainly by the method of drawing on fabric dyes, and, in general, their technology is very diverse.

Batik can do almost everything from shawls, scarves to gorgeous painted clothing. Batik fits perfectly into the interior apartments, office buildings, etc. as decorative wall panels. Panels on silk is an excellent handmade gifts. Silk scarves handmade will be an excellent addition to your clothes. They can be worn on the head.

Silk scarves are a great gift both you and your family. Choosing the neckerchief should pay attention to skin color, etc. Future owner. Silk scarves in batik will add charm to any woman who decorated her everyday costume unique touch. Scarves come in various colors. Neck scarves can be made in any batik.

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April 10th


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