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Proxy Server
by Tam

Proxy server – is a special buffer between the user and the Internet. Proxy server – is a special server that is constantly being online, and cache files passing through it. The proxy server at your ISP does pages load faster. It comes from the fact chtochasto different users simultaneously attempt to access the same resources, so some web pages have been uploaded by other members of this Internet service provider and be cached, this implies that no page is loaded from a remote server, proxy server, because this download is faster. Some proxy servers hide your IP-address, and your visiting sites, access to FTP sites via proxy will be anonymous. The site owner is not too difficult to learn about the user of the resource is large enough amount of information: Your IP-address, which you have a browser, operating system, country, information about the provider. Quite naturally, that there is a desire to remove from access all of the above information, but also sometimes you get a chance to learn information from the site, which changes response depending on the country from which the request was received.

Also, the proxy permits to go to the website of your competitors completely anonymous. To date, there is a problem such as obtaining your IP-address of the hacker. In this case is likely to become a victim of his attack on your data, but, given the existence of flaws in the software Microsoft, you can also ruin important documents on your computer. Number of proxies that will hide your real IP-address, not too small. Yes, and not all proxies are completely anonymous. With a strong desire, the administrator of the website, you are watching with proxy server is able to determine not only the IP-address (proxy server-a)., but your real IP-address, that is, the address from which you access the proxy.

There is a problem and that the proxy does not remove cookies. True, this can be done independently. There are two openly declares its availability to all interested users, or proxy, which does not restrict access, as most users do not know. Anonymizer (Anonymizer) for safe surfing on the network can be used special services, the so-called anonymizer (anonymizing). To visit the page, simply enter a link to it and press Hide Me. If you go to the links posted on the page you are viewing, then repeats the anonymizer procedure for the new page, which eliminates the need to once again enter the correct address. With this surfing "footprint" in the log-file leaves office, and not you, that makes impossible to collect your personal information. Cookies, while not up to you reach. There are sites that are inaccessible through the anonymizer, their owners want to keep track of who, where and when I visited their site.

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February 4th


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