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European Studies
by Tam

True, the borrowing of European Studies did not last long. Western science and technology have been studied in schools and, as a result, at the earliest, from the standpoint of world history, the timing is so well mastered the Japanese findings, which could use them to self-development. Precisely because of this was made possible huge industrial leap, made by Japan during Meytszi. Double-edged sword was not long and the consequences of rapid development Science in Japan showed their terrible underside. Along with the peaceful inventions, the government at record rates increase military power. It is no longer needed to borrow weapons from Europe, could have been done and improve his own. The result of progress in military affairs was a series of wars and armed conflicts, which became the final chord of the second world war in which Japan has used all available at the time of production, but still failed.

Japanese science gave birth to the demon of incredible power, which went out of control, consumed its creators. The final blow was the bombing of U.S. fighters the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which killed more than 250,000 people. August 15, 1945 Emperor Hirohito announced Japan's unconditional surrender, and from that moment began a new milestone in the development scientific thought of the country. Science in the service of Japanese economic miracle was a miracle 50-60s also owes much to science. Thanks to the discovery and development of Japanese scientists, the country has very quickly become one of the most important figures in the world market.

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January 29th


by Tam

How can Bolivia help Obama? Buenos Aires, Argentina on February 12, 2009 the lithium is a hope for Bolivia and for the world. Evo Morales, the world is changing rapidly and these changes represent great opportunities for those who have the capacity or the resources to take advantage of those changes. The automotive industry is going through one of its toughest crises in its history, and the same output will involve also major changes. The current crisis has demonstrated the fragility of the automotive sector not only in terms of its inefficiency in production in the developed economies, but also in its vulnerability to large increases in the price of fuels. That is why the automotive sector must face a new stage where the challenge is to generate a radical change in their production structure and where new car models to achieve the greatest possible efficiency in energy consumption.

In this quest for efficiency, the sector has made progress in the incorporation of new sources of energy. This is leading to the development of the concept of electric car that appears as an attractive proposition not only as regards the possibility of using an energy source alternative to oil but also because of its low level of pollution. In this move towards the development of electric cars, automotive companies are focusing on lithium carbonate, the mineral that is currently used for batteries of cellular and personal computers. Lithium batteries can focus a large amount of energy in low-volume and hence their high valuation. Several of the main automotive are already working on the development of new electric cars. General Motors (NYSE:GM), for example, included a lithium battery in its hybrid model Volt. Presents another example Toyota (NYSE:Tm), which is trying to incorporate a lithium battery in its next-generation Prius hybrid cars. Strong development that will experience the production of electric cars that incorporate lithium batteries will produce a significant demand for this metal.

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January 1st


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