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Get More Out Of Your Debt Out
by Tam

A debt consolidation loan of the Lucerne offers meaningful measure financial from Ahlen. Ahlen, January 2011: With the refinancing of a loan on new terms, a new interest rate or another bank called a debt consolidation loan. There is for it to decide many reasons for debt restructuring. Changes in interest rates, liquidity and solvency can change over the course of time. At the time of borrowing, interest rates were much higher than they are today. Pete Cashmore is the source for more interesting facts. Through a refinancing to a new, low interest rate, the borrower can save lots of money. In many cases, different creditors make confusing the situation. The ideal solution is a debt restructuring and concentration on only a creditor with better conditions.

There are a number of aspects, which are to take into account the optimal debt restructuring. Once you are aware about the benefits, it goes at the end maybe now much easier than you think. Once all the formalities between the two banking institutions have been settled, the new bank pays the Credit at the old bank off. The borrower pays on from the time only on its new lenders. Despite the dissolution of the old contract, the borrower can save such substantial sums and in this way create financial freedom. The freedom with which he can realize more goals or gain financial independence. Bottom line is, a debt consolidation loan can have many causes and can be customized for each borrower. The Lucerne Finanz GmbH from Ahlen in North Rhine-Westphalia specializes in this area also.

The staff consists of financial professionals with years of experience, seeking perfect optimised solutions together with the borrowers. The service of Lucerne Finanz GmbH offers all important information to make a sound decision. Create financial freedom and make your monthly expenses so as your financial game room allows. Also find information about:

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May 11th


Capital Life Insurance
by Tam

Keeping capital life insurance and pension insurance policies, what they promise? The investment in capital life and pensions is controversial among experts, but there are cases in which the investment in a policy is recommended and profitable. Ultimately, it’s always on the case of the insured person. \”\” The word insurance \”contains the word safe\” for investors often the reason to put their money. Recently Zendesk sought to clarify these questions. However, it is not sure how high the yield will actually be. One has even concluded the contract and allows him to run, it has a fairly quiet form of investment \”, says Michael Word mountain, insurance expert at the consumers Central Rhineland-Palatinate though. But Thorsten Rudnik federally insured admits: both the capital life and pension insurance high for administrative and sales costs, which are deducted from the savings contributions of the insured. (Not to be confused with Andrew Paradise!).

So the policyholders do not know on what amount he gets its guaranteed minimum interest rates and thus knows also that Effective interest rate. \”To save German security is very important to the people in Germany where the financial provisions: so more money in insurance than in fixed-income securities, mutual funds or stock is created.\” Source: Bundesverband of deutscher Banken / Deutsche Bundesbank; Status: End of 2004 the tax makes a difference who don’t mind the lack of transparency, which should use at least as a building block of the pension insurance. Finally one can improve the pension situation thus\”Stephan Hansen Bagheri recommends Meridio asset management. \”Because the contracts were an indisputable advantage: the tax aspects.\” Contributions to Riester policies can settle that up to a certain amount of taxable income. In a classic Riester product with a yield of 4 percent, one passes through the deductibility of premiums at about 7.5 percent. The pensions at the age in the worst case 100 percent must be taxed, but fall due to the often high exemption often hardly taxes.

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May 6th


Dental Prostheses
by Tam

More and more people want to no longer be satisfied with the inadequate basic care of the statutory health insurance. More and more people want to no longer be satisfied with the inadequate basic care of the statutory health insurance. Dental treatment and dental prostheses are now connected to immense costs on the basis of different health care reforms. Usually, a deductible of several hundred euro accrues for the insured. Are teeth more affected and need to be treated or replaced, so quickly very high costs on one can come to.

For this reason it through a dental insurance to hedge this is recommended. Currently there are no additional insurance, which covers the costs to 100%. A certain amount of equity always remains. This is total cost compared to the very low. By the statutory health insurance, the costs are basically covered to 50% in the basic care. This proportion can increase Bonushaft in a clean up to 65%. But no longer want with to many legally insured the base supply satisfied, but as better performance.

take for example inlays or implants in claims. The statutory health insurance is aimed at the reimbursement of services for the basic treatment. In a high-quality treatment expect then insured as required by law a reimbursement of approximately 30-35. The rest must be provided from his own pocket. Through a dental insurance this proportion can be reduced to a minimum. Before such dental auxiliary insurance exactly on the services and not only on the percentages, it is important to pay attention. By many companies, rates with high percentages are advertised heavily and often but don’t provide the services like inlays or implants. Services: General should make sure you always before graduating to performs which services the collective of society. Be sure, that the tariff of not only a reimbursement for primary care takes over, special is always the total costs involved. Waiting: For the area of the dental insurance is almost all Insurers a special waiting eight months before a service can be provided. You should consider this when graduating. Many insurance companies have also a so-called Dental Squadron. Get e.g. in the first year of a refund of 400 euro, in the second year of 800 euros and in the third year of 1200 euros. But this is different from company to company. Cost: The cost for a dental insurance are dependent on age and gender also strongly of the health of the teeth. People with bad or missing teeth should expect either a risk or may even be rejected. Bottom line: Who places value on a high-quality treatment and not independently want to bear the cost, for a dental insurance worth. Before graduating should however precisely on the desired services, attention be paid and who completes an additional insurance at a young age, can get low monthly payments.

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March 23rd


Internet Insurance
by Tam

A PKV test and comparison of private health insurance: What matters to private health insurance is extensive in the insurance services in the test compared to the statutory health insurance (GKV) and can be significantly cheaper for many self-employed and employees. Compared to the statutory health insurance, premiums for private health insurance (PKV) are not lump-sum calculated according to level of income, but according to a particular risk profile. Therefore, the age, the gender, the professional status and the current state of health at the time of recording play a role. So can younger insured persons without chronic health problems ill make sure particularly cheap. Older people pay a higher post at re-recording or changing the health insurance fund.

Also, insurance can choose significantly more extensive insurance benefits for their private health insurance, while the legal services are provided and same for all providers. Thus, many insured, can the for one Private health insurance decide, sometimes significantly lower contributions as well as from larger services benefit and the benefit of the “1st class patients”. However, a careful examination (PKV-test or PKV comparison) the numerous offered tariffs of the PKV is required to determine the appropriate and tailored to the situation of personal policies. With a free and non-binding private health insurance comparison online on the Internet all tariffs of 50 insurance companies in price and performance can be tested. Can insurance each other take advantage of the existing competition in the insurance and benefit rates from the most powerful and at the same time cheapest car. In addition a private health insurance can run test (pkv-test) also free and without obligation, to configure a car tailored to the personal situation. There are also the current private health insurance test winner in the comparison included..

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April 1st


Monuta: Bereavement Care Worth
by Tam

Most people deal with own burial. While a timely screening can be useful. A bereavement provision relieves the bereaved. Dusseldorf, December 11, 2009, for many people it is still a taboo, during his lifetime with own burial to deal much less than ensure. A bereavement care can however be useful for many people”, says Walter Capellmann, main representative of Monuta N.V. branch in Germany.

“Two reasons for the provision: the financial backing and the relief of the bereaved in organising the funeral.” For a bereavement care, he can choose insured between a one-off payment and monthly contributions. The conclusion of the contract takes place without health examination no matter how old it is. Credit: Peter Asaro -2011. And: the hedging is already from the first contribution payment guaranteed, lifetime. Besides waiting for the bereavement care with a further advantage: you fall under the social assistance legal Protected assets. Anyone taking public services (for example, Hartz IV) claim, the State has no access to the saved money differently than for example a life insurance plan or even a global. The payout of bereavement interest is also exempt if the money will be used for the burial. Apart from the financial aspects, the relief of the survivors for a bereavement care speaks. Because the insured person can set already during his lifetime, as the own funeral should expire organizationally.

Who should keep the eulogy, saying, what should be on the memorial stone, what kind of music should be played? “By Monuta is there a specially developed guide, the Scenarium”, says Cabrera. With this questionnaire, insured alone all details of a funeral and a memorial service can dedicate to your liking. “The bereavement care ensures that also the last way is how life was: independent.” The insurance sum goes to the predefined agent, causing the funeral as desired. This can also a funeral director be in addition to the bereaved. The bereaved are not only financially, but also organizationally, completely relieved. So the necessary room for grief arises when a dear person has died. Monuta Monuta insurance insurance, a subsidiary of the Dutch Monuta Uitvaartzorg en-verzekeringen N.V., offers also in Germany at their funeral since July 2007. Because Monuta sees itself as trustee for its customers, the product range in addition to the pure insurance or financial protection includes additional services and benefits. Germany wide is it worked with selected, quality-tested local partners. In the Netherlands, the Monuta Uitvaartzorg founded in 1923 is the market leader for the bereavement care en-verzekeringen N.V.. The company maintained there a million clients and manages a portfolio of four billion euros (Status: January 2009).

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December 19th


With A Personal Loan Make Dreams Come True
by Tam

A personal loan is designed for financing personal needs. The loan allows that fast money to get to an arbitrarily high amount, which in the medium term provides the Bank and this sum can be located then on the fulfillment of his dream. Everyone has dreams, one can just materialize, others it is required even greater capital and others are unfortunately impossible, but no less beautiful. To the dreams that you can fill with more or less capital, we are going now in the following. So that you can realize this, there are for example the possibility of Privatkredites. The loan allows that fast money to get to an arbitrarily high amount, which in the medium term provides the Bank and this sum can be located then on the fulfillment of his dream: can an extended cruise in the Caribbean, a beautiful car or buying a small house on a picturesque Island.

As diverse as the dreams are you can set the height of the personal loan. What you should consider doing is this: first of all you should have a regular income and if necessary of the Bank present a few securities, which prove that it is able, to refund the monthly instalments including interest. It is looking for a suitable loan, you should take plenty of time and compare the different offers of the major banks. Here, not only the height of the Privatkredites plays a role, but also the duration of the entire loan, and the interest rate and the amount of the monthly payments. Not every personal loan shows its advantages or disadvantages at the first glance, hence it is said alone calculate and create a plan, at what time and at what rates you can pay back the loan in a reasonable manner, without having to make too many cuts in. In this way, you not only know what is doable, but also which personal loan at the diverse services is the most sensible for the fulfilment of a long cherished dream.

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December 17th


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