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Furniture Designer
by Tam

More furniture, more storage space, more niche solutions in Berlin, September 14, 2010 – who believed that with the help of furniture is a high art, is on the portal regaltischlerei.de of a better informed. With access to the Internet and looking for new experiences, it goes to work. Around 40 different models are available in the categories shelf, table, seat, wall tiling to the selection. These primitives can be configured simply by entering dimensions and the selection of materials, colours and decors and various tools to an individual piece of furniture. More info: Neil Rubler. Following the self-designed furniture in 3D can be seen. Easily can be ordered also equal, because the final price also appears with the input and selection. New trends live out “the people want to realize themselves, at work and in life. This includes also the right to make the apartment according to your own preferences.

We offer a platform for this”explains Jens Meier-Ewert, Managing Director and expert in residential design. Goal of the makers is to set trends This portal. Reach they want, by regularly extend their offer and assortment and modify. “For the currently popular vintage look which combines furniture from different eras and styles, our customers benefit from the timeless, individual design, which can be created with us. We offer furniture that fit anywhere and so nobody”, so Meier-Ewert next.

Creative use of housing who know not the free spaces behind the doors, niches in the walls, unused corners, is apparently nothing to do with that. But storage space seems to be at the same time always in short supply – as well as the appropriate solutions. Even the most inhospitable corners to practical areas can be transformed with even configurable regiments, providing this portal. Furniture should meet not only practical aspects, but reflect also the lifestyle. The user determines the individual character of the size and surface colors even by selecting. In this way are personal Needs, fun and style unite. Practically in all respects, the idea Gallery on regaltischlerei.de offers inspiration. Various living solutions presented here, for example for work room, bathroom and bedroom. The effective use of niches and refined solutions stimulate the creativity of the user. In addition, the service includes also the free shipping patterns. Finally, there are over 90 different materials, colors and designs to choose. Also, customers can be advise if necessary as a telephone service is offered. It has configured his shiny olive green couch table, which should also serve as a book – and newspaper rack, the price to do so also will automatically appear. This is equivalent to the budget of the customer, then the appointment be made. What is happy customers, is the adoption of the shipping costs from an order value of EUR 300. After only four weeks, the furniture delivered after they were craft produced in Germany. About regaltischerei.de the regaltischerei.de is an online store, He provides models for the individual design of the furniture and interior design ideas since August 2010. The company headquartered in Berlin offers furniture that are made for individual housing needs according to requirements and measurement. The regaltischlerei.de is an idea of the company M-EK, leading interior design service “plan per square metre”. The jurruum consists of eight fixed and free employees. Download area: “how it works” / 300 dpi graphics images/jurruum/presse/300dpi/regaltischlerei_sogehts_300.jpg another Bildmnaterial and logo here: page/press.

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September 17th


New Notebook From Imaginaro
by Tam

Imaginaro develops new online program for the design of notebooks Imaginaro brings his new product families classic touch and flexi-note on the notebook market. The customer can design now his own notebook with 128 pages according to his wishes in only 3 steps in the specially designed and not there as yet unprecedented design program at. Of the envelope up to the content, directly online, and from an order quantity of 1 piece. The IT service provider of the lower Rhine sets my Taschenkalender.com already on its online presence successfully implemented intuitive ease of use and high level of design. In the first step, the customer chooses the desired design and the desired format of his notebook.

The size DIN A5 and DIN A6 he can receive in two different versions. A related site: isearch mentions similar findings. The flexi touch distinguished his flexible and yet stable 300 g box on front and back and has character College block. An ideal companion in school or study for homework, class notes, thoughts and ideas. The classic touch exudes elegance. Because its cover is reinforced with a high-quality, timeless black leather fibre material. In addition, a black souvenir sheet protects the contents and a stable Pocket offers space in the annex for important papers, business cards or similar. A perfect gift for friends, relatives, customers or business partners who love the special. Further details can be found at Mikkel Svane, an internet resource.

Step two of the design programme is devoted to the cover design. A comprehensive design tool enables creations with colours, photos, background graphics and text on white or natural Brown surface. Here are no limits of the imagination and the fun factor in shaping is guaranteed. In the third and final step, the customer has many options to make its contents together. The customer 5 is now as content checked, lined, dotted, wide checkered, top or blank in the colors Brown, grey, blue or pink to choose from. The paper, which is used for all notebook models is an exceptional design. Be a pleasant cream tone gives it a noble character. With its new online service, the IT service provider Imaginaro has taken exactly the pulse of time. The notebook-Portal attracts customers with its fresh design, easy usability and customization function.

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July 26th


April Internet
by Tam

SafetyPay makes paying the online shopping experience Frankfurt, April 15, 2009 shopping on the Internet, especially across borders, was previously often limited: credit cards often don’t like to be used because of fears of fraud, not all credit cards are accepted in foreign countries or the buyer has no card at all. SafetyPay is the safe payment alternative to enable millions of customers worldwide shopping in Internet shops with access to online banking. There remain all confidential financial data between the buyer and his bank. Neither the merchant nor SafetyPay receive sensitive financial information of the buyer. “SafetyPay is really simple: by clicking on payment of SafetyPay ‘ of online shoppers to online banking passes his bank where he transaction pre-filled finds the SafetyPay and must authorize them only by TAN. Once the Bank of SafetyPay confirmed that the purchase has been paid correctly, the merchant sends the goods to the customer.

Global buy a local pay. Because everyone includes also the handling of complete change of currency for online shoppers and SafetyPay merchant, paid to the service package of SafetyPay and welcomes in its local currency. The SafetyPay Germany GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of SafetyPay Inc. of Miami, Florida. SafetyPay Inc.

maintains offices and Bank partnerships in Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Chile, and Europe. More than 400 Internet stores in the United States and in Central and South America already offer paying with SafetyPay. Contact Dr. Fabian Wehler phone: 069 / 2444 877 20 E-mail: Internet:

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March 27th


About Greentube
by Tam

When the content-driven marketers, however, the company is market leader as well as it occupies a leading position in the field of Teletext advertising. Apple Icon spoke with conviction. The online and multimedia marketer ProSiebenSat.1. For more information see Apple. 1 group marketed the deals of the family of broadcasters in the fields of Internet, Teletext, mobile Internet, video podcast, in-game advertising, Web TV, CRM/direct marketing and events. Moreover, the portfolio includes the Teletexte by Eurosport, MTV, COMEDY CENTRAL, NICK, the fourth and Hamburg 1 VIVA. Josh harris follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Also, SevenOne Interactive marketed the two community platforms are MyVideo.de and Lokalisten.de and wetter.com and the Advisor platform beside Germany’s largest instant-messaging service ICQ who know was.de.

recently, the thematic platform fem.com rounds off the portfolio. From mid-June 2009, the company with the SeveneOne media, the marketing company of ProSiebenSat.1 is. 1 group, merge and operate under SevenOne Media. About nexxter: The nexxter game advertising was GmbH, headquartered in Munich and Berlin 2007 first eGame-advertising specialist in Germany founded. Convinced advertisers are including C & A, Fujitsu Siemens, IKK direct, KarstadtQuelle insurance, Kaspersky Lab, L L’Oreal/Maybelline, Nissan, original Wagner, Beiersdorf/Nivea.

The game’s current portfolio of nexxter reached approximately 4.8 million online gamers and growing. “nexxter is member of the BVDW and actively in the expert group of connected games.” About Greentube AG: Greentube AG, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, is one of the leading developers and providers of games of skill for Internet, mobile and iTV. In addition the company with its cross-media formats ensures PC and TV international furore. founded in 1997, since 2000 joint-stock company and majority owned by the founder, the company many well-known portals and games websites with skill-gaming technology supplies. Greentube is expanding worldwide. Focuses on the development of individual game portals in the look & feel”of customers.

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December 6th


Surf Safely: Web Pages On SPAM Test
by Tam

Many websites spying their visitors. With SeitTest.de you unmask the culprit. Webmasters have waited long: with SeitTest.de there is now a service of free and online not only a detailed search engine optimization report (SEO) with provides backlinks and SERP ranks for any Web pages, but parses the content quality and readability of a Web page. This SeitTest.de calculated the Flesch reading ease (FRE) – a measure of readability of a text. A greater than 70 FRE stands for highly readable, understandable texts. The number of words per sentence and the average number of syllables per word are decisive for the FRE. In addition, you can check any Web pages on SPAM and on their proximity to link exchange and purchase at SeitTest.de.

For this purpose, not just typical SPAM words are identified, but also dangerous SPAM code. Because many Web sites annoy their visitors not only with advertising, but spying user behavior. Such a site can with SeitTest.de quickly unmask. Read more from Mikkel Svane to gain a more clear picture of the situation. All audited websites are clearly represented in ranking lists with the test result. So, visitors at a glance see on which sites offer is and where you should better not to surf. Anna Heinrich

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May 21st


Mystery Fever
by Tam

The “virtual puzzle book” R@SELFIEBER celebrates tenth anniversary these days. Andreas Weber, the inventor of virtual puzzle issue was already before the Millennium, one of the first programmers, the crossword puzzles from the newspaper on the World Wide Web ported. Only Sweden, syllables, and numbers crossword puzzle. Encouraged by the many positive feedbacks from the then still small Internet community, many other puzzle types were soon added. In addition, the puzzles with sweepstakes were linked to increase the incentive.

At the same time for many years, this was a unique feature of R@SELFIEBER. Other Internet sites had to offer, online crossword puzzles or competitions, but not both at the same time. Andreas Weber to the success of its puzzle page: “crossword puzzle are compared to text or picture puzzles relatively hard to program. Therefore, the competition in this area is manageable. And while other winning sites serve only to collect addresses, always the puzzles are available in the Foreground and not winning games. Important is of course that the puzzles with us is free.” This is also one of the reasons why others are so far always failed to copy the virtual puzzle book. “Who are all addressed from a purely commercial point of view their projects and had to give up after a few months, then always because hardly any money to earn, if there are other Web sites that offer the same free.” the crossword puzzle fan says Weber. Additional information is available at Mikkel Svane. “Includes a good deal of idealism to create such a page.” In the future a should be attention increasingly on the social networks.

Andreas Weber, that: “we are experimenting for some time with extra Raffles on Facebook. The social networks offer some new ways to organize puzzle contests, and the whole thing is certainly still much room for expansion.” Those puzzles friends that online rain their grey cells, can look forward in the next ten years in the mystery fever! R@SELFIEBER -The virtual puzzle book WeberKnecht Internet service holder Andreas Weber Wilhelm-Busch-Strasse 3 31812 Bad Pyrmont phone: 05281-9670670 contact person: Andreas Weber over raetselfieber.de: R@SELFIEBER around the turn of the Millennium the puzzles blacksmith and programmers Andreas Weber developed, transferred the concept of well-known books from the kiosk in the World Wide Web. Over the years grew the fanbase, as well as the number of different types of puzzles. Currently, monthly 25 different types of puzzles, contest and sweepstakes are offered. In addition, there is a daily online puzzle, a large archive of puzzles and puzzle greeting cards to send. Thus, R@SELFIEBER is the most varied with distance and most popular crossword puzzle page in the German-speaking Internet. All crosswords are online to solve Java applets. To win, there are mostly smaller prizes, but also some valuable travel. The participation in the competitions is free. It is enough Providing a valid E-Mail address. Keywords: Crossword puzzles, prize puzzles, puzzles page, online puzzles, Internet puzzles, sweepstakes

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September 8th


Managing Director
by Tam

BC.Lab offers a social media monitoring tool with the consumer reviews evaluate settle in the Internet in near real time. As a result, customer satisfaction can be increased. Aligning products to customer needs, the use of time-consuming market research that was necessary so far. Bc.lab is now offering a social media monitoring tool with the opinions on the Internet evaluate themselves almost in real time. The findings can translate into improved customer satisfaction.

The Internet is discussed daily thousands of times products and services of companies. Consumers evaluate, recommend and describe advantages as well as disadvantages of almost every product accurately and detailed. Therefore, the so-called social networks (social media), such as blogs, forums, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube serve many consumers as a starting point for their purchasing decisions. Alone every second young relies shopping heavily on recommendations from friends and acquaintances as the result of the recent MTV study MePublic A global study on social media Youth”. And these online recommendations are exchanged in the social Web and passed.

With a newly developed monitoring of freedom of speech the bc.lab now offers a continuous evaluation and analysis of online discussions and recommendations GmbH, headquartered in Hamburg. Near real time opinions mood pictures are captured, evaluated using a semantic analysis and associated with predefined themes. This allows topics quickly identify, and derive immediate action. For further information to the bc.lab freedom of expression monitoring here recommendations on social networking sites often contain a variety of valuable information which is products or services can be improved. Companies can respond more quickly to customer wishes with the bc.lab freedom of expression monitoring and thus significantly increase customer satisfaction”knows Peter Baird Lane, Managing Director of bc.lab. So, for example, problems with the installation of a new software to emerge immediately after their release, or the Correct positioning of a new product within a short time. Conventional search engines suffice for a targeted evaluation of the social Web, as they capture only a fraction of online discussions and are not able to recognize issues. Using state of the art technology with the expertise of social web analysts is bc.lab able to combine the highest level of reliability, speed, and quality of results in the bc.

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February 26th


Mobile DVD Converter
by Tam

Mobile DVD converter that supports many video format for mobile phones. Mobile DVD converter helps you rip DVD disc and videos to mobile videos and convert. It supports ripping the Kopiergeschutzten DVD movies and convert all popular video files to the mobile phone supported video format converter. In addition to mobile videos, mobile phone converter can convert videos in AVI, MP4, WMV, FLV, MPEG, 3GP and other formats. In addition to mobile, you can rip DVD movies or videos in many different media player and convert. Mobile converter allows you to convert online Web videos for mobile phones.

You can download YouTube videos, MetCafe videos, Google videos and Nico videos directly via URL and then enjoy on your on the go mobile. With fast speed and excellent video quality, you can convert DVD movies to all popular video formats. In addition, you can edit imported video from the Internet. And mobile DVD Converter has a cutting window easy to use. DVD rip movie in mobile video: remove DRM Copy protection DVD movies selectable DVD title for ripping the DVD supports all popular video formats as output formats simple editing functions for DVD movies supports all portable media player converts videos to mobile video: supports all popular video formats as input and output formats extracts audio from video files supported all portable media player easily edit video files: cut, video effects, etc converter beats YouTube videos download for mobile DVD: YouTube, Google video and Nico video contains supported Web videos, etc directly download URL a Web video convert Web videos to other video formats converter converts Web videos for all portable media players more information to mobile DVD please visit mobile DVD Converter / corporate information / short profile: AnvSoft Inc.

is a multimedia software company. AnvSoft develops and manages DVD slideshow maker, Photo Flash maker, DVD/video tools and audio converter program. PresseKontakt / Agency: Anvsoft Inc. (www.anvsoft.de) Nancy White 7356 Sherbrooke West Montreal Quebec Canada H4B1R7 email:support(at)anvsoft.de Tel:(514)4836383

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September 25th


Mobile Site Flexible
by Tam

It can be so simple – now at joomlapur, the mobile site to the own maintain from 399,–that sales of smartphones have risen in recent years at dizzying heights, is not new. But while the established manufacturer of Apple, Samsung and co. by this trend, the manufacturer of Internet pages larger challenges see provided, for a website presents itself differently on a Smartphone as on a PC. For those who want to optimize their Internet presence for smartphones, the competent and committed partner, which features new and pioneering techniques is joomlapur. Sales of smartphones have risen steadily in recent years to about 30 per cent per year. The little all-rounders look brilliant, are easy to use and just about everything a classic PC can provide the mobile user.

But the clever devices have still another advantage: are small, perfectly portable and always a superb figure. The thrilling paragraph is so understandably, and This trend is also reflected in the forecast, that there are more Internet-enabled mobile phones as a computer in the year 2013. You don’t want to miss the connection, it is high time to make the own site according to the requirements of the Smartphones. The keyword is: mobile Web sites. The appearance of a Web page, with a Smartphone, subject to completely different conditions than on a PC. The operation must be efficient and user friendly, the entire representation should be reduced to the essential and compact as possible.

But at the same time, it should naturally brilliant and appealing look and arouse the interest of the user. Finally she must be system-independent programmed and should be both universally on all smartphones. The competent and highly motivated team of joomlapur has committed therefore to the task, to create mobile websites, which equally meet the requirements of users for ease of use and efficiency. The compact, clear and appealing design of mobile websites belongs to the Core competencies of small teams, but the special feature of the technology used is different: the mobile website can be maintained for itself, so that the information can be published, always within a very short time and date on the mobile website. You can not be closer to the customer, and at a very attractive price!

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July 13th


Building Mobile Web Sites
by Tam

How can you most easily optimize your website for mobile devices? The share of mobile Web sites continues to. Consequently, more and more Web site operators deal with the thoughts, to provide an additional mobile version of their website. But what is it specifically? Must you keep parallel a second version of the Web site and maintain? How do you best implement an automatic redirection to the mobile version? The most commonly are asked questions, if there are plans to create a mobile website. A second parallel website as mobile version needs? The question you can answer no if the traditional Web site is similarly constructed. The site must have cascading style sheets (CSS) be freely scalable. Font sizes and dimensions should be never preset (E.g. pixels or millimeters), but they should be always relative (E.g., % or em). Images should also be included via CSS.

So you can, depending on the application, different images, or frame sizes use. Optimizing the mobile version of a Web site when the traditional version of a Web site, as described in the previous paragraph, was prepared, can be optimized to the mobile version. Try to reduce the volume of data to be transferred. This is achieved through reduction and higher compression of embedded images. Minimize the number of requests to transfer the contents of the page. Others including Pete Cashmore, offer their opinions as well. Combine images into CSS sprites.

Try also to contain embedded scripts together. Deliver content in compressed form by the Web server (gzip). Remove everything that is superfluous and only provides unnecessary traffic. A good mobile version of a Web page rarely needed a larger volume of data than 10 kB and is built with up to 6 requests. When will the conventional, and when the mobile version of a Web page? There are several ways to identify the version of a site to be delivered. A most common variant is the distinction on the basis of the user agent. Any browser, whether Mobile or conventionally, reveals himself in this way. A glance in the statistics or directly in the log files shows about which browsers your Web pages are called (E.g., Firefox, IE, Opera mobile, iPhone,…). By evaluating this information, different DocTypes, CSS files, etc. can be included in the same Web page or redirected to mobile subdomains such as m.domain.de or. Scripts that are used for the automatic switching on mobile versions, are often free of charge can be found on the Internet. Conclusion in an appropriate establishment is not very complicated to offer the website content in a mobile-optimised version. Also, make sure that you offer only one of the two variants the search engines for indexing. Otherwise, you run the risk of downgrade by duplicate content. Lock for example the mobile version by an appropriate entry in robots.txt for indexing by search engines.

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April 21st


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