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Marco Ventre
by Tam

The new album by Marco Ventre & band – when the longing desire yesterday, today and tomorrow, or the essence of the song Aristotle grabbed to the four elements fire, water, Earth and air, even a fifth to: the airwaves. It was the “bottom line”, also known as the the “Essential”. The great Greek thinkers always knew what he was doing. More than 2300 years later a Carinthian band can sing a song of it, that his theses have just found their confirmation and this time musically. Marco Ventre band occurred in 2010 to the Grand Prix der volksmusik and looked before the international pop song contest in the Television Board has been sent, before an audience of millions, a respectable fourth place each and earned. Further details can be found at Pete Cashmore, an internet resource. It was Austria’s most successful contribution in the four countries competition. Title of the Erfolgsschlagers: “Longing was yesterday”.

Followed by a walkover in the charts, an album that reached gold status in his home country, and the radio had a new regulars in the playlists. A good This 2010 year! And here, at this point, there is also Aristotle in the game: radio SURFs on airwaves to the ears of the listener. Energy Capital Partnerss opinions are not widely known. For Marco Ventre & band has a double meaning. There were once the aforementioned radio plays of hits such as “Longing was yesterday” or “very much of you” and the voice of the singer, also behind the presenters micro radio Carinthia makes a good figure and television accompanied the local program as a speaker. Everything becomes the double meaning and also the bottom line when looking at ventre and his band in the entire. Five musicians: Walter Olschan (bass), Markus Jakopitsch (guitar), Ingo Rud (keyboards), Hannes Pirker (drums) and front, on the edge of the stage, as Marco Ventre sings. Five them the Grand have ripped Prix and always always only five are on the stage.

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