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Windows Server
by Tam

You need to establish urgently, reinstall or repair the OS functionality (Windows, Linux), troubleshoot and efficiently to repair the computer? Then you find what you need. Top Emergency computer help engineers helpsit.ru to help you. A large staff of highly qualified engineers, carefully selected, allows our company to efficiently provide services to emergency computer help. Presence rich experience of our staff ensures high quality solutions to problems with computer equipment. Free travel specialist to your home or office computer and urgent care within one hour of treatment. Free diagnosis carried out to identify problems before the computer repair and customization.

Free expert advice before placing an application for emergency computer help. Repair, adjustment and upgrade (upgrade) PC, selection of optimum components, installing and configuring hardware and peripherals (printer, scanner, copier, etc.). Installing, reinstalling, configuring the OS (operating system) on your PC and laptop – Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003, Linux-system. Scan your computer for infection by viruses, remove viruses if found, the installation of reliable software protection against viruses, removing Spyware (spyware). Selection, installation, adjustment necessary to the customer software. Recovering corrupted data. Design, installation and configuration of networks (Internet, LAN and Wi-Fi). Installing and configuring software IP-telephony (free calls over the Internet in Russia and in other countries).

Subscriber services computer park companies. Quality assurance for all types of emergency computer help. 8905721 69 10 If a processor – it's 'brain' computer, the operating system – this is his 'mind'. And if he 'sick', then the program working under his control, will not work properly. And this is not always associated with viruses. Errors and failures encountered in the various programs in most cases are caused by failures and mistakes namely the operating system. Professional Diagnostics, carried out by our engineer, will determine exactly – how 'sick' your 'patient'. Proper distribution of partitions on your hard drive during installation operating system – it's fast system recovery in the future, if any is required, and the ability to avoid many problems (eg, loss of information). You need to install, reinstall, or to restore Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2,003 (2008), Linux-system, Mac OS? Do. Do not install Windows XP on your laptop? Establish. We decided to try a Linux-system? Something wrong? Install, configure, consult. Problems with Mac OS? Decide. And all this with preservation (restoration) of information stored on your computer. Connect with other leaders such as Peter Asaro here. helpsit.ru – 8,905,721 69 10 – Call – help. You think that your computer has become slow to load or not load at all? Was not the best of 'moody'? Sometimes refuses to open the right software? Often 'hangs'? Self-off? Gives 'blue screen' (BSOD)? In short, your computer is fast as the 'Ferrari' has turned into an old, clumsy, wayward 'Zaporozhets'? The engineers of our company at your request disable useless services for your systems and services that are so rich in Windows, but nothing that consumes the resources of your computer. Will remove unneeded programs from startup. Clean registry from the old, unneeded records. And even the old, sluggish computer 'a la' Zaporozhets' will start and work as a 'Ferrari'.

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April 13th


Navigator Explay PN445
by Tam

Explay PN-445 – is the new navigator at the time writing this article. And it shows! '5 '-Inch thickness of 17 mm and a stylish design. In addition, of course, the most modern processor SIRF Atlas IV 500MHz. Besides the basic functions of GPS can play video and audio files display images as well as operate in handsfree via Bluetooth. We have this GPS comes with the software 'Navitel', but the navigator can support up to 3 preset systems! Price, as in all of this line, even understated, in our opinion. Explay PN-990 – Navigator '5 'inch support tubes through a built-in GSM-GPRS (will need to purchase a sim-card of any mobile operator with best rates). It is very convenient, as navigator will be largely used as a communicator: send and receive SMS, make calls to any numbers.

Besides the basic functions of GPS Explay PN-990 is capable of playing video and audio files, as well as work on the handsfree mode protocol Bluetooth. In the Navigator built-in games. This is the most advanced and most new navigator in the class navigator with built-in GSM-GPRS. And the price for it is the most democratic. Progress does not stand still.

Garmin – world leader in navigators. Strictly, reliable and very well as expensive! The model number is quite large. Please note that Garmin is using its navigation software with maps Navicom 'Roads of Russia ", which is quite accurate and easy to use. On Site manufacturer can download not only update the maps, but also many objects POI (gas stations, hospitals, cinemas, etc., by which sometimes do not want to pass).

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April 11th


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