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The Possibility
by Tam

A society where it does not have more place to the public lynchings for force of the thoughts, certainties, ideologies politician-partisans, religious and others, that each one has the right to take the veil. He is this the global citizen whom if it desires for the world of this new century XXI, since soon developing from the spaces luso-Brazilian, lusfono and ecumnico. A citizen of values, beliefs, certainties, work and of auto-esteem. A new and respectable citizen of the world. He intends yourself, obviously, to denounce the situation of not yet the full exercise of the citizenship, in many places of the world, conceptualizada as joint of duties and rights of the citizens, assumed here responsibly. This is that is the true problem, to point itself, throughout the work and some solutions that if they not only judge exequveis as well as desirable. Thematic central office seats in the education for the citizenship, which answers, of innovative form, a real possibility, despite delayed, of the construction, in the direction of the education and formation, of a new citizen, through the invocation, most exhausting possible, of one another citizen, supposedly luso-Brazilian, whose life, principles and values if can consider to shape, not obstante and to its time the problems to be different, some of them, however, keeps the actualidade, in this beginning of century. It is thought to be justified the preference for this option in the prominence that will be given to the religious dimension of the man who, wants if he believes or not, he is intrinsically in all and each one, with the difference of that: many are apercebem of it they use and it; they feel it to others but, prejudicedly, they do not want to demonstrate it e, finally, those that they had not had the possibility of on it reflectir e, pure and simply they deny, it and they refuse.

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November 28th


Internet Journalists
by Tam

First, we must accept. Changing the old formulas. And above all, accept that there are no formulas. My first suggestion is to have a receiver very close, to shut it down. To relearn.

To stop ignoring. To doubt the expert in the neighborhood who yells at the radio, the announcer of years, the master of the audience, a iconoa who speak non-stop and never says anything. The most that transmit information transmitting vices of the profession. Then, switch to ignore the teacher. To copy what ever copied: the a originalidad.a This pre-modernidada the journalists are to produce, a usar new tecnologiasa , read the mail, enter the chat room or have a photo on the Internet and thus "being immersed in the new media reality?" No.

And what he says is so quiet. year we are ready! It tells the word processor a nueva tecnologiaa. You begin to defend the truth. Itself. And the truth, it opens the hole of unknowing. So will have to clarify that there is a fight between spectators and journalists or replace one another. No, it is rather a mixture. Aid. Less megaphone, more communication. Let hablar.a So there goes the frase.a "Journalists should stop thinking of them as oracles, because they are not, should consider providing leadership and guidance to the public to information, although the competition has developed. The author of the new journalism, Dan Gillmor, intends to hear, but not necessarily to the sources, but to the people.

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November 23rd


Spain Video
by Tam

C That the quality of their work is proporacional to the detailed budget that has offered to me Client: I like to have a detailed budget of my project, but with himself not to distinguish which are the different phases from creation that in him are defined, and because of the cost of each one of the games. Producer: In our producer of video we detailed, when defining a project, the cost of each of its phases of production. We explain the client of what each of these phases consists and that personal it will participate in each of them. D That it can work with the most professional personnel and the last technology in video Client: The video will transmit the image of my company, and for that reason I want to make sure work with professional people and who offer the latest to me in tendencies of video and audio-visual equipment. Producer: Audio-visual factory account with audio-visual, serious and responsible personnel technical, with expanded experience in the sector. Also we counted on the collaboration of professional speakers and translators sworn for those productions of video in which they are required, and on the collaboration of one of the most prestigious recording studios of sound of Spain.

It does not doubt in asking its producer who will take part in the elaboration of its audio-visual production. Also we guaranteed, for those clients ask for who it, the most novel audio-visual technology stops the accomplishment of its productions. That it can deposit my confidence in them Client: How I can know that I will guess right when contracting a producer of video or another one? Producer: The confidence of the clients who have worked with us previously, and the result of the works or carried out by Audio-visual Factory, are the best endorsement of our responsibility and seriousness, and the total confidence that another or have deposited in our work. TallerAudiovisual. Producer of corporative video in Barcelona (Sabadell). It consults the cost of his production of video online, without commitment, visiting our Web. TallerAudiovisual. com Tel 93 7227584

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November 6th


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