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Direct Marketing Success
by Tam

We have observed that direct Marketing has evolved and grown in enterprises, becoming in part fundamental organization and differentiating from the rest against the competition of the market. Being a direct and effective communication. We can define the Direct Marketing as a series of techniques that help contact between people in an immediate way, generating a single reaction. In order to advertise products and services, or involve others in a message. There are several ways to carry out campaigns that would be the Mailing, emailing, phone calls, coupons, loyalty club. Within the strategies to follow for a successful campaign, would highlight six points where Gupost, operator Integral de Marketing direct and promotional Marketing, analyzes and designs different actions: analysis of the target audience. You should bear in mind to whom directed product or service that we offer.

It is very important to be clear about the study to be able to develop Marketing and communication strategies. The need to call the attention is very big and necessary. Investigate the habits of consumption. Market studies are fundamental to the study of the habits and behaviors of potential consumers. Certain studies identify common patterns of behavior, identify needs, work carried out by the competition all this must be used to our advantage to attract consumers. Creation of data Bases.

The elaboration of databases becomes key part of any direct Marketing campaign. This type of specialized databases, are bought from companies that have as objective the study of the market and potential customers of the companies, to thus be able to succeed in the campaigns. Segmenting the market. Obtaining a good database is fundamental to the guide the campaign in one way or in another, and in this way to obtain optimal results. The division of the market depending on whom the campaign is addressed is essential for success. Age, tastes, habits are important to maximize results. Customize the messages. At this point we return to make reference to the database, its importance is very great. Having the names, surnames, even the car model, certain tastes .they are very important to appeal to the feelings of potential buyers of the brand. In this way they identify potential client with the brand. Creativity at this point is fundamental to capture the attention of potential customers. Synthesize information. The message has to reach very clear. The words have to be clear, specific and simple, this way you message will be transmitted in a very understandable way. Choice of the appropriate means. The choice of the environment is essential to convey the message and analyze the advantages, disadvantages, resources, there are many ways and it is important to use multiple, the use of only a medium is not recommended for a campaign. Measure the impact of the campaign. Analyze the results and assess the response of the audiences before the execution of planned strategies; Depending on the conclusions of This analysis may maintain actions taken or change them according to convenience. Media marketing allows to measure direct and immediate effects that cause the communications sent to quantitatively determine the profitability of the campaign. Gupost during more than 25 years in the industry, designs and develops from the beginning until the end of communication campaigns, with its services of design, graphic arts, printing, mailing, sms, Email, studies, contact center, printing online, treatment of databases, etc.

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April 11th


by Tam

Before suicidarce together the majority of the guys participants already than up to now-talk about the Conqueror at the end of the world broadcast by channel thirteen program in 2008 they had no work after the failure of the raality that brought no more than decepsion for the inbolucrados in this failed project of promofilms will be given another taste of for these off-road guys: since the week coming and for four more weeks, former participants of the raality more anonymous in the country will be uploaded to the tables in the cube Theater (located in Zelaya 3053, Abasto) to make of themselves in where this fame?, a musical for adolescents than perhaps drag theater to the exponents of curiosity and some that other fans of the program, is worth recoradr that tube ten point hearing all his way, them deceamos luck and know that tambein appealed to EU algunq other escandalete .Since that play with a not very promoted romance of a participant called romina villola and a journalist nicknamed chimentos – tet – married, and sigiendo this line of chimentos also will leave the promoted popular outdoor romance pollastro former sebastian Web big brother and fernando tarruella chicken the evil conqueror, we hope that the work is good and lasts that were promised, the members of the Club of production are conpuesto by people from the medium as segio company claudio delgado. Camilo ubulon-. Hopefully the time to accompany them and from now as if surely survived wing Argentine patagonia will survive to this future failure… well considering the elements I say.

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January 18th


Dingsheng Engineering Technology Co
by Tam

With the accelerated pace of Chinese modernization, a lot of construction wastes are produced, Disorderly dumping phenomenon can be found everywhere, it is understood that the garbage dumping will not only take up a lot of land, but also serious pollute the environment, the accumulation of a large number of construction waste will destroy the soil structure, causing the surface settlement. In addition, the building construction waste glue, paint, paint or difficult biodegradable polymers containing harmful heavy metals in these wastes were buried in the ground, will cause groundwater contamination, direct harm to surrounding residents life. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the value of construction waste(such as the waste produced by hammer crusher, sand making machine) was excavated, according to experts, the reason why it is called the construction waste is that these wastes are not subdivided processing effectively. Construction waste are actually change the physical properties of the building materials, the event that the classification and use of construction waste will likely become a gold mine in the eyes of the vision of building materials. It is true that there are some companies and even individuals began to turn its attention to this gold mine. Currently, construction waste resourceful utilization has already gotten the attention of the national people, during the two sessions, the members have proposed the Construction Debris legislation, strengthen the management of China s urban construction waste.

According to Mr. Zhengzhou Dingsheng Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. engineer: construction waste after the initial cleaning, sorting out recyclable steel and wood, then cement, masonry concrete blocks broken into aggregate after the height of construction waste disposal equipment R & D, After screening, to remove impurities, the formation of a certain size requirements of building materials. It is reported that the applied scale of recycled aggregates is wide, they can be used as wall plastering materials, planting soil Backfill materials, brick-making industry, recycled concrete aggregate and recycled. the recycled aggregate brick can be idvided into the following kinds: the ground material Eco-permeable bricks, pouring permeable brick, the permeable Road tooth brick three permeable ecological bricks are widely used in square, sidewalk, slow lane, open square, garden, slope protection, protecting group, highways and overpasses. Meanwhile, planting soil regeneration is carried out through the construction waste sorting, and then crushed into powder, sludge as a raw material, add other kinds of wastes, including sewage treatment plant sludge, wineries and food plant residues, peat soil trace elements, according to the proportion of a certain quality, stirred by mixing together, in addition to the natural characteristics of the soil, with high efficiency, breathable and water retention characteristics these fertilizer.

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November 19th


Simple Techniques
by Tam

When you’re discouraged, sad, angry or laziness, those emotions you predispose certain way towards the actions you are taking at that particular time. On the other hand, when you’re feeling confident and motivated, you will feel that a great power comes over and that you can achieve anything you set. That is why it is so important to be attentive to your emotions so you can intervene in them and modify them to obtain the best results from the actions you choose to undertake. When you feel that you are invading the downturn and discouragement, using these simple techniques that will help you to exit more quickly of the emotions that you are holding back: 1. take a few seconds for free writing.

Take a notebook and a pencil and writes everything what is going through your mind at that time. You must be on the lookout for your thoughts. This allows you not only relieve you to clarify the situation as you this must also give you an outline of thoughts to make able to change them consciously. 2 Learn to accept the emotions that you seized without resistance. All emotion has a cause and entails a learning.

This allows you to rescue the positive within the crisis and left you an education you can use tomorrow. 3 Get memory of the happy moments of your life. Write when they have happened and in that situation you were, tries to revive the feelings you had in those moments that help you combat negative emotions. 4 Listen to the music you like best. Take a few moments to sing and dance to the sound of any melody. It is amazing how the music has the power to change moods. 5.Ponte in touch with those people who most want and in whom more trust. They are your group’s contention. If you want you can talk to them and ask them to give you their opinion or just listened to and/or provide you some sympathy.

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August 19th


Wholesale NFL Jerseys
by Tam

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May 24th


How To Get To The All Pages Of The Site Are Indexed
by Tam

A common scenario that occurs is that many sites have an excellent indexing of their homes, but when we move to the inside pages, they show one much lower Pagerank, and consequently are less visited. Some documents can take to achieve have as good indexing on the inside pages as the same home. Here is a checklist that will help you achieve it. Include links to your internal pages in the home. Imagine your site as a structure in the form of layers.

For example on the outside, the home, a level below, sections, and in the last level, the sub sections make sure with a couple of clicks users and bots – can easily reach the internal urls put their links at the top of the page in the form of breadcrumb: are the links from the homepage to the page in which you arein the form of text, for example Home > section 1 > subsection 1? If your site is dynamic create static versions of your dynamic pages more important to create a sitemap, and include a link to it from the home create a text called urllist.txt file and place it in the root directory of your server. The urllist has a much simpler than the sitemap structure, but is equally effective in helping the spiders. Yahoo acknowledges and appreciates particularly the urllists create a robots.txt file. In this file are explicit bots of all search engines which pages indexed, and which malicious bots are entering forbidden sites avoid putting too many links on a single page. More than 100 links per page is already suspect to Google that will consider it spam. It may not be penalized, but simply bots do not follow links, alerted by the possibility that the site is actually a farm of links avoid putting the links based on scripts, i.e. keypads with Flash or Java.

A simple text with a link will be much less heavy, but far more effective for the bots when asking that continue it to take care of the weight of your page. Pages slower they discourage bots, and then a reasonable time, to see that the load is stopped or is too slow, simply go to otherwise promote equally the inside pages to the home page of your site. For example, instead of including the url of your home in the Resource box when post an article in a directory, include the url of your blog or other internal sections by following these simple instructions, you will be much easier to achieve the totality of your site to be indexed. Do the simple things, and if you see that the site has become too heavy, perhaps time to resort to the micrositos or sub-domains, as a way to rank pages in your site much more orderly.

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March 17th


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