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Burning Studio Dvd
by Tam

With them, you can print a nice cover for a drive, test cd / dvd drive, edit the music and graphics and much more. Additional utilities too much. I've been using it since 2005 (when it was version 6). Recorded with her a bunch of cd / dvd drive, no problems observed. Recorded discs of different manufacturers. They were pros.

Now for the minuses. Nero is very large – about 300 mb (not all users have broadband Internet access). Nero is very much 'should be' on your computer, in particular in the registry Windows. When I had problems with program, I wanted to reinstall Nero, but you need to uninstall the previous version. And not removed. Entries in the registry and other folders is simply not a lot that just did not try. So now Nero is not my computer set;). Only the axis bear The 'weak' computers Nero will slow, ie program requires a lot of system resources.

However, in my opinion, the main disadvantage – that is what Nero leaves plenty of traces on your computer, from which is difficult to get rid of. I even official '' to help. In general, while working, Nero quite decent software for recording cd / dvd drives. Another very good program for recording cd / dvd discs – Ashampoo Burning Studio. I will not for a long time to talk about it I use it since 2008 and I can say about this program, only good. Ashampoo Burning Studio has all the advantages of the above 'Sockeye', but at the same time weighs much less and hampers are also smaller. Like Nero, the program – a full package for use with cd / dvd discs, which includes many different utilities. At the moment I'm recording cd / dvd discs with Ashampoo Burning Studio;). These were commercial (paid) program. Also in this blog, you can download the program (Free) for burning cd / dvd discs, which sometimes do not yield as above 'giants'. Need to personally test the selected programs and find the one that will be the most qualitative work with your cd / dvd drive and operating system. On Internet forums can be found completely opposite reviews of one and the program for recording cd / dvd drives. The reason may be a different cd / dvd drives, operating system (and especially in various dubious 'bloat' and alterations) and the users themselves. So stop listening, it's time to act:)). I have already made their choice and hassle-free recording quality cd / dvd drives.



February 9th


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