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Marcel Hall
by Tam

Experience and a good education is important for the career of coaching, the coach should certify them also. Sympathy is a decisive factor in the choice of the job Coaches. Therefore, it is advisable to contact several coaches. In the preliminary of the career of coaching can be perceived if fits the interpersonal level. The personal style of the job coach is often as important. Here, it is important that job coach and client to each other fit for a successful coaching career. Also a type of Laissez-Faire and a structure fanatics can perform successfully together a coaching.

It is crucial the intuition of the principal to the coach. On the basis of references can be verified, what experiences others had with the job coach. At this point can be determined, how helpful a career can be in this job coach coaching. The Marburg study to the German coaching market 2009 (www.coaching-report.de/ news.php? id = 608) has determined that approximately 8000 coaches working in Germany. It is not known how many of them specialize on career coaching. However, shows that the huge mass of offers. The selection seems even more important for a successful career in coaching, the matching job coach. An online database is recommended for the search.

The European Coaching Association offers a very good platform, as it ensures transparency through the licensing of ECA and ECA’s quality standards. (www.european-coaching-association.de) Managing Director of coaching house Berlin, systemic consultant and personal and business coach Marcel Hall reports: the job interview at the beginning of the career or job change is very crucial. It is important not to move but to be authentic. Only as a long-term working relationship can be created, in which feels the workers well and can work well. The job coach can help to identify your own values system and work out what is really important in the job the customer.

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February 3rd


Qualified Conveyance
by Tam

To secure the business location Germany, approximately 5,700 programs with funding offered by the municipalities up to the collar. To get more funding from the EU. To secure the business location Germany, approximately 5,700 programs with funding offered by the municipalities up to the collar. To get more funding from the EU. Many funding programmes on the small and medium-sized enterprises are in particular the middle class is the backbone of the German economic, (SME BBs) aligned.

Goals are among other start-ups, growth through investments, control research and innovation, creation of competitive jobs in less favoured regions, and foreign trade. “The trained SMEs consultant start-ups Tanja Ebbing notes in the context of their daily business:” in particular young, innovative founders often lack capital, to bring their idea on the way. The use of public funds, also these start-ups can the desired project financial press and lead their companies to success. “On the other hand, there is an increased need for information after current funding programmes by small and medium-sized enterprises (SME BBs).” These needs and also your customers receive qualified advice to ensure as well as through the jungle which has public funding to help the consultant Tanja Ebbing led to training as a SME funding Adviser at the KU-Akademie e.V. with success. “” Tanja Ebbing white: “innovation is the key to growth, prosperity and employment” to learn from first source about the current state of affairs the freshly trained SME funding Adviser Tanja Ebbing participated this year at the Federal Ministry for education and research in Berlin the 3rd future Forum of innovation ability in the service of society. “Tanja Ebbing conclusion: we all are facing a major challenge, particularly for SMEs to strengthen the culture of innovation BBs.” Because according to the study of the RKW Competence center from March 2011 SMEs participate in BBs due to lack of strategy and implementation expertise little in research and development.

To their customers for this exciting topic to raise awareness and to open up new potentials the consultant Tanja Ebbing now offers development funding advice with a focus on projects in innovation, research and development. Tanja Ebbing explains her new and innovative range of services: we show you the entrepreneur and the entrepreneur (SME BBs) odds on capital procurement and implementation of projects such as growth and realignment, qualification of staff, image enhancement through reconciliation of work and family, innovation or research and development through public funding (E.g. grants, loans, guarantees). We analyze the potential, develop a strategy, create a financing concept, especially the analysis of funding and co-financing, support in applying for the funds and create business plans and project support the implementation.” The consultancy ebbing under the telephone number 06655 / 919090 or gives more information. Tanja ebbing

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February 2nd


Roberto Javier Rodriguez Santiago
by Tam

Today I do not know if say my Clipper is a prehistoric machine, Yes, prehistoric, because surely, with this third revolution (so say economists, sociologists and historians, to the flood of sophisticated devices we communicate), the Clipper would be seen by present generations youth in the same way as in my childhood we looked with disdain that our grandmothers used clothing irons heated with coal. And just as I’m doing this vague inventory memorable in the history of the generational disgraceful, I wonder if these times in what we boast of living in a world of communications, is also the world that we will be increasingly less sympathetic with the story, even with our most recent history, with our previous generations. Is this a world of communication in space par excellence, in the present, but not in time? Is not our communicative and computer technology our incomunicadora excellence with our past, with other ways of seeing and interpreting the past world? To meditate in our times, a great fear me silently invades: the fear that we can communicate so easily, with such ease that we no longer want know anything other than what by our media want to know. (As opposed to Byron Trott). We have so many resources to carry out a communication, but that communication is indeed limited, partial due interest or motivation that there is in the communication that we do. In this regard I do not see me precised examples necessarily conspirative or megalomaniacs. Who hasn’t seen someone with a cell phone glued to ear talk all what you want but despegar it the ear if the other says something to our receiver little matter or like? Or that another that already has your wireless phone programmed to prohibit entries from calls of certain people? What if between numbers censored is of his mother, who perhaps don’t need to know him today? And if someday need to ask your help, or maybe a pardon before the death, but it cannot because the phone? Wireless hinders it? Seeing these examples as simple and elementary, can we assume that our world is indeed in communication? What are the media? Means for better understanding with others? Media to speak what we want? Or rather the media are our means to hide our lack of understanding of others, our best means to hide the inability of a true social communication, human communication, face-to-face communication a communication contact with feelings, emotions and needs of our neighbors, taking into consideration that is not merely a partner among partners? Roberto Javier Rodriguez Santiago is a scholar, especially in history and philosophy, as well as voracious reader.

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February 1st


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