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Air Conditioners
by Tam

The choice of the company's installation of air conditioning in Moscow a complicated process, because at the moment there are hundreds and only a few dozen firms could offer a normal value for money. When you contact the ephemeral install air conditioning course, it is even possible without problems and money you'll spend less than with the installation of air conditioners from the pros, but if your air conditioner, something happens, in their one-day warranty no obligation to perform will not (it is easier to change the website and phone number). The warranty on the installation of air conditioning – this is when a company within a certain time (from 1 to 3 years) is responsible for the quality of installation. For myself conditioner responsible manufacturer company. That is, if you have air conditioning breaks down due to poor installation, the company will repair the air conditioner at his own expense.

One of the most frequent breakdowns – is when the air conditioner stops blowing cold and works as a normal ventelyator to 95% due to poor rolling out copper pipes and freon. Installation of air conditioners in Moscow at first glance seem easy to solve problem when in fact it is not, firstly need to obtain permission to install air-conditioners (up to 3 months), the second pick conditioner (to help in any company) in the third to select a decent company to install air conditioners. Check the firm is simple: 1) Read reviews on the Internet. 2) The second-level domain (sayt.ru) 3) Check for wois site as there are at least two years if it can not and ephemera, it is clearly no firm reputation. PS If any damage to the air conditioner vyhlyuchite it otsoedenite from the network, and call the company's employees. Any attempt to get into the air conditioner itself is easily detected in the future and you simply withdraw from the guarantee and any repairs will be made at his own expense.

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