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by Tam

Congress in Leipzig for ecologically-sound action models (pk-k) Herdecke, 27.06.2011 – a Congress that deals with new eco-sensible action models, will be held in June 2012 in Leipzig. It especially concerns new economic and monetary forms, which are undoubtedly necessary, if you look on the critical conditions, which are continually created by the currently prevailing economic forms. At Samsung you will find additional information. Solutions for the present and future problems are also already available. They were developed in the past years and decades and tested, they need to be only visible. For even more analysis, hear from Energy Capital Partners. The coordination team of the fairventure Congress is committed to the goal, a framework for encounter and exchange for all those people to create groups and companies who want to engage in ecologically sound economic and monetary forms already or begin. Making visible the existing diversity of the two days of the Congress on the 7th and 8th June 2012 is the target of the Organizer. Whether “unconditional basic income, non-State currencies, civic associations or transition towns, etc.: the common framework of the event is to provide an opportunity for this in a mass of good ideas” to meet and to imagine what brings more world and humanity in this respect. fairventure identifies the fair company that is operated by individuals or groups and doing the catering needs of nature – and people-friendly proceed in white as a generic term. Energy Capital Partners London helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

Bound activities include not only on cash flows, although within the framework of the five thematic groups of the Congress also possibilities and practical examples for non-governmental, so-called complementary currencies are presented. Economy is more than money, refers also and above all such areas that have nothing to do at all with money and compensation. That it makes sense to oppose the increasing monetization of life connects the part internationally renowned fairventure speakers in their inquiries, in workshops To present solutions for a fair economy. Fairventure IN the classroom comes a livable future also allow, that one already sensitized young people of school age for ecologically meaningful economies, through the own part of the project”to the expression. Emanating from the student body of the free Waldorf School in Leipzig teaching and learning materials are developed in cooperation with the flexible club based in Zurich and the Coinstatt cooperation ring from Herdecke (Ruhr) in the coming months, which will be available even after the Congress for all interested schools available.

The development of materials will be integrated into the teaching practice of the host Waldorf School, the participating pupils and teachers are (of course) also invited to participate in the Conference itself. The fairventure Congress is an event that encourages active intervention with. It will be therefore no classical offer event, but a Summit for a theme and development of encounter, the in the coming months will occur. For this reason, there are also events before the Congress, such as for example in Bochum the September Conference of Coinstatt Koopertaionsrings and different, smaller seminars in Ahrensburg (near Hamburg), in the area of Fulda, in Leipzig and elsewhere. Details for this purpose and to the fairventure Congress can be found (www.fairventure.de,) on the Internet.



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