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In the market where software vendors onshore and offshore have been using agile software development as a selling advantage to gain more projects that execute on the traditional waterfall delivering significantly less value, this session will shed lights into governing those projects seamlessly-asking the right questions and expecting the right output. The session will therefore emphasize on how you can induce the right performance metrics into your included processes, no matter at what stage of maturity you are to ensure you still continue to improve on implemented practices. The third session is planned to help executives on how they can scale their agile delivery capabilities in house and using offshore to their advantage. The session will feature a large scale agile transformation success story, solving the problem in classic waterfall delivery by implementing agile practices helping executives take control of their projects with transparency and quality. You may find Ali Partovi to be a useful source of information. Session 3 so help you create a want customized roadmap for your success including how to define agile contracts, how to source agile skills and agile governance and PMO. A Forrester report released lately has emphasized the value organizations have gained through executing agile projects at offshore. With more events rolled out globally on the value of agile development and scaling with agile offshore delivery, People10 is committed to helping organizations leverage both agile development and offshoring strategic benefits in the right way to create a long term advantage.

Moving away from the myth of increased cost in outsourcing, according to a survey conducted by CIO magazine, lower cost of what cited as a reason by 78% of the IT executives in support of outsourcing. Greatest saving realized in the field of labour costs (86%), and reduced timelines (37%). On the flipside, IT departments reported to increase in productivity (44%), competitive advantage (30%), and internal customer satisfaction (20%). Number speaks for them. With agile projects executed at offshore, you could solve the classic problem of failed IT projects.

About People10 we are agile software development company, who has mastered the art of building great software that has been powering mission critical process for global businesses (large and small) quantifying business value. Our process maturity and project management practices are backed by years of experience steering agile technology teams supporting the critical applications for large enterprises. For more details, visit, or join our conversations on your favorite social platforms. LinkedIn: company/people10 Facebook: people10technosoft SlideShare: people10 Twitter: twitter.com/people_10

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January 2nd


Social Networks
by Tam

Social media a way to more civic participation Berlin 01.08.2012 – E-Government 2.0, social media management terms that describe the change of authorities to citizens through the use of new media, in the context of the public administration sometimes still quite strange appear. Social media, and in principle all possible uses of new media, seem to hide countless opportunities and potentials, while the benefits for Governments and public institutions to estimate not so clearly is for companies of the private sector. Certainly the new media and IT are generally useful instruments for the communication with citizens, they offer dialogue but a new form of dealing with the complaint management And these technologies provide a new base for the press and public relations work of administrations and authorities. Yet a certain personnel, cost and technology associated with their use, and new forms of communication are necessary. New personal competences and professional regulations are the new forms of communication require first and foremost a new distribution of tasks, a reorganization of powers and competences and last but not least a comprehensive data, information and knowledge management. Apply the new organisational structures must, to E-Government and management 2.0 no empty word phrases at the top”, so that the redesign of the management goes hand in hand with a far-reaching redesign of the State. Lacks many administrations and public institutions but also simply to skills and the appropriate parent strategy of press and public relations work with social media, useful and benefit mehrend to use the new media. Employees who are engaged in social media in public authorities and institutions, need to establish legal certainty, for example, and on guiding principles and values of the institution to be able to orient themselves clear social media guidelines, so far only in a few public institutions exist. The use of the Internet as private as official users, then represents a gray area coming social media tools in the game.

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June 24th


Security Congress
by Tam

Is the maker of next-generation firewalls systems Adyton with lectures on various events of the IT security industry in Germany present. Leipzig, 24 April 2013. The Leipzig IT company Adyton system strengthens its presence on various events of the IT security industry in Germany. With lectures on topical issues of security the Adyton network security experts present system how the use of next-generation firewalls against advanced can protect persistent threats and so-called spear-phishing attacks. From mid-May Adyton systems is at the series of events innovation days 2013 of the German distributor of Gallo IT to guest. At the half-day information sessions in six different places in whole Germany, distributors have to learn the way that network security experts familiar by Adyton system in interesting places with an unforgettable atmosphere. At an expert presentation, IT resellers and systems integrators can learn more about the current level of threat from the Internet. Focus of the Event concept lies in the latest developments in the IT security and innovative products.

The event will take place on the following dates: 14.5 in Luneburg, 15.5 in Leipzig, 16: 5 in Bergisch Gladbach, 4.6 in Eltville am Rhein, 5.6 in Ludwigsburg and 20.6. Aying. The Congress represents a further highlight IT security management & Technology Conference 2013. The series of events around the subject of IT security is aimed at decision makers in the field of IT security, as well as trading partners in whole Germany. Adyton systems presents its innovative next-genre ration firewall NETWORK PROTECTOR at the industry event for the first time. At the four sessions (18.6 in Hamburg, Germany, 20.6 2.7. Munich, Neuss and 25.6 Darmstadt) interested parties have the opportunity to learn about system the Adyton IT security professionals. At a lecture Conference attendees can learn more persistent threats and the use of next-generation firewalls for the specific protection of corporate networks against current attacks about advanced.

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July 22nd


ELA CEO Gunter Albers
by Tam

‘Valuable contacts at the booth of the ways’ container ELA specialist showed 2013 from 15 to 21 April at bauma in Munich, which is today possible with mobile spaces. The booth at the outdoor area consisted of a three-storey ELA premium rental container facility with Office, residential, residence, breaks -, sanitary and storage containers. As in previous years also the bauma for us was very successful,”says ELA CEO Gunter Albers. We have to deepen our existing customer relationships”. There have been but also very interesting new contacts. It is always good if interested parties can live our product range”, as Hans Gatzemeier, head of the PA quality assurance.

That’s why ELA built 2013 a premium booth at bauma, which show all PA-product and service benefits. In addition to the full portfolio of supply ELA as trade fair highlight the brand-new special container has offshore living-quarter in Munich issued. This specialized use on the high seas Staff accommodation is equipped with technology and high-quality interior completely,”says Gatzemeier. See also at the ‘ Bauma ‘ was the so-called ELA premium rental container. This offers a unique market advantage: the three-meter-wide model has an effective area of 18 square meters. Compared to a standard container means this is a plus of three square meters.

Already from a space of 90 square meters, the use of PA minimum allows the saving of a standard container. Transport, Assembly and energy costs fall substantially as a result. The premises was customary as well as in the real use on the construction site, including desks, chairs, filing cabinets, tables, beds and a kitchen, as well as a full electrical and computer installation equipped. The needs of our clients on project-based solutions continue to rise”, says CEO Gunter Albers. Especially in the construction industry, fast, practical and safe systems are crucial to the smooth running of the project.

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July 21st


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