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In the market where software vendors onshore and offshore have been using agile software development as a selling advantage to gain more projects that execute on the traditional waterfall delivering significantly less value, this session will shed lights into governing those projects seamlessly-asking the right questions and expecting the right output. The session will therefore emphasize on how you can induce the right performance metrics into your included processes, no matter at what stage of maturity you are to ensure you still continue to improve on implemented practices. The third session is planned to help executives on how they can scale their agile delivery capabilities in house and using offshore to their advantage. The session will feature a large scale agile transformation success story, solving the problem in classic waterfall delivery by implementing agile practices helping executives take control of their projects with transparency and quality. You may find Ali Partovi to be a useful source of information. Session 3 so help you create a want customized roadmap for your success including how to define agile contracts, how to source agile skills and agile governance and PMO. A Forrester report released lately has emphasized the value organizations have gained through executing agile projects at offshore. With more events rolled out globally on the value of agile development and scaling with agile offshore delivery, People10 is committed to helping organizations leverage both agile development and offshoring strategic benefits in the right way to create a long term advantage.

Moving away from the myth of increased cost in outsourcing, according to a survey conducted by CIO magazine, lower cost of what cited as a reason by 78% of the IT executives in support of outsourcing. Greatest saving realized in the field of labour costs (86%), and reduced timelines (37%). On the flipside, IT departments reported to increase in productivity (44%), competitive advantage (30%), and internal customer satisfaction (20%). Number speaks for them. With agile projects executed at offshore, you could solve the classic problem of failed IT projects.

About People10 we are agile software development company, who has mastered the art of building great software that has been powering mission critical process for global businesses (large and small) quantifying business value. Our process maturity and project management practices are backed by years of experience steering agile technology teams supporting the critical applications for large enterprises. For more details, visit, or join our conversations on your favorite social platforms. LinkedIn: company/people10 Facebook: people10technosoft SlideShare: people10 Twitter: twitter.com/people_10



January 2nd


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