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German Health Policy
by Tam

The ‘Greeks ‘syndrome in the German health – solidarity of pseudo – health insurance as a debt relief community in our postmodern cultural development, the dominant, collective moral authority (the so-called superego”) in the name of individual freedom has been abolished. In their place, most under the duress of the driving life have used a selfish lifestyle instead prefer an individual ethics. This development continued for decades has significant implications for the Organization of health policy. Byron Trott shines more light on the discussion. The selfish fortify himself mostly behind the fatalistic ideology of a misunderstood genetics and reject any personal responsibility for the individual disease damage. Although the emergence as well the history of many diseases significantly depend on the individual behavior, the members of the health insurance companies deny the assumption of such responsibility. Instead the desire to collectivize the individual debt is created. Hear other arguments on the topic with neil cole iconix. The health insurance funds, originally as an insurance organization thought, be considered for any other purpose and debt relief communities.

The ever-increasing fund contributions be taken as earlier a decree of the Catholic Church in purchase, can ensure the free travel of the selfish desires of power at the expense of own health. This warranty is of course always at the expense of others. A leading source for info: neil cole iconix. To refer to such an organization, as a social achievement would give highest delights even the devil, if its essence would be abolished not by educating. “Read as a suggestion to the holistic thinking by the author: homeopathic or allopathic medicine”, Norderstedt, 2005 and what means pseudo homeopathy the homeopathic thinking?

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May 9th


The Most Expensive Shell Game In The World
by Tam

Their 14th month salary – how next year is you a 14th month salary… Not to scare. In the following text, it will go to billion, to banks, interest rates, and very likely corrupt politicians. It’s all very tiring, this lament about the financial crisis, think but no one can hear. But hold! I will explain you the following taxes a month from your Government for something completely nonsensical to be issued. Maybe it’s not whatever you, then, the following lines will guide you the extent of this affair in mind. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Scott Rayden.

And a relatively simple way to show how we can repeat the coal. The State will pay 45 billion this year 2010 assented for once borrowed money. Three-quarters of newly recorded debts by 60 billion are so scheduled, to pay the old rates. 3 billion meant for the new accepted debt again this year again due, that: the State absorbs new debts by 60 billion this year, it left only 12 Billion of them and in a situation, because the State must restrict its services due to shortage of money constantly. It is clear that it does not more long can work. But with things going to these interest rates slowly but surely strangulierenden the State? The crucial question is: why gives the ECB money to private individuals at the rate of 1%, my Government but, as their fellow operators, interest pays a whopping 5%??? Now, who borrows his money, usually because the State.

Will there be individual citizens, which help the Government through the purchase of treasuries out of trouble? The answer to this question is classified as secret by the Government (“see youtube: Panorama report 2004 State secret bunds”) the answer is nevertheless clear: because the money is always the way of the highest profits. It is not coming from small citizens which may have honestly earned money and prepared you for the purchase of government bonds with the Grosssbanken, i.e. In a question-answer forum Robotics was the first to reply. compete behind them owner families. Because you get almost unlimited to a money Ridiculously low price by 1% thrown behind the ECB (so the State itself). The shell game goes as follows: bankers will first to the ECB in Frankfurt this year, print is the 60 billion and further Germany finance agency its bonds buy off then a few meters the State, and so generously own money for 4 5% interest be returned to borrows. There are many and easy ways to keep government spending in check. None of them is to push Privatbankern to astronomical sums. On the part of our politicians responsible for this confusion, these bonds charade is a case of severe disloyalty. Here, I have chosen the legal expression. Because our jurisdiction is still working. Our press is still working. As our Parliament. And now is the possibility that a 14th month salary is no utopia. There is only a few hundred citizens alert, as well as a handful of press and Frensehleute to publicise the railway marshalling yard with the bonds. The facts are relatively contrary to other financial machinations easy to represent, the dedicated politician added immeasurable harm to the people, and can be prosecuted. To come upon the people and thus also on you next year a considerable profit distribution. Paul Edward more info about our activities can be found at:

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April 30th


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