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It can be some corner in your house, perhaps in some other place that you know that nobody goes to molestarte. Reserve between 30 minutes and 1 hour to be with same you to work in this design. Scott Rayden is likely to agree. The time of duration can vary of person to person. At Scott Rayden you will find additional information. For some it will be difficult to concentrate itself, to begin to think for the first time about these questions, however for others it can be easier. It dates time.

Everything depends on your decision, disposition, desire, concentration and context in which you are. Learn more about this with Elon University. I recommend to you that you take minutes before beginning to write to breathe and to relax the mind while listening some basic smooth music. 3. It gives by seated and it leaves from the idea that you can have and obtain any thing that you wish in this DESIGN OF YOUR IDEAL DAY. Ten a thought of which everything is easy and nothing represents a problem.

It imagines which would be your way to think and towards where you would go. What you would be feeling? What would excite to you? Beam of account that THUS IS YOUR LIFE and you are living that it. 4. It responds 1 to 1 the questions that I give to you next. Tomato the time that you need to respond each of them. Ten in account the following areas of your life you respond when them: family, pair, friendship, free time and pastimes, money and finances, work and profession etc.? Where and at what time you would awake? With whom you imagine that you would be? In what place you would live? I want that you visualize exactly in detail. How it would be your house or house? The environs? It imagines exactly in your mind how it would be.



May 5th


Like Winning To Him To The Traffic
by Tam

Every day, when we left to work; we it people who we lived in the city, us estresa perhaps the fact that we find traffic to carry to ours pas, which impedira that we arrive in time at our destinies. Often we asked ourselves; what would be a permanent solution to this type of circumstances? In the first place it would be impossible that other people do not commit accidents, clearly, is not enough whereupon we drive our car with precaution. Although in fact if all the conductors in their automobile thought about this same clear one that the accidents are reducirian, and the traffic to carry would fall. Indeed, we take into account that, with the technology of which we can adqurir nowadays will be much more easy to be able to lead to where we want, without having to fight with the traffic to carry. Now, by means of the cellular technology, the present telephones have this one type of technological characteristics like satelite position, just by to press a button the satellite will be able to direct to us towards our destiny without having to find us with traffic. This own characteristic of the technology will allow us to evade or traffic to carry, also like accidents in the highway, and it will avoid to us to also injure to us since it will alert to us than it exists ahead in the way of us. With the use of the Internet and the space satellites it really helps us enormenente to make our life much more easy. Listening the radio not always will be a solution to win to him to the traffic to carry, one never knows when another accident will happen at another moment, to the high tech only is as to maintain an aware been on when alert being. Ignacio Valdez writes but articles on like gaining to the traffic original Author and source to him of the article.

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September 20th


Vestibule Programs
by Tam

The software vestibule Vestibule Programs has made public the results of the study Valuation of free software in the society (2009) where it occurs to know the degree information, confidence and use that the users have of free software and of the ideology that this one promotes. The results show that the society knows software free use, it and trust him. Nevertheless, 75% of them are open to use propietary software, reason why they do not follow the freedom philosophy who promote their founders and who go against using propietary software. the general vision in the society is that free software is, in the technical section, around any other type of applications. Nevertheless, it is needed to spread to the values and the philosophy that there is behind free software since we have found a percentage lifted of users whom they do not know clearly what is, and that influences negatively in its perception. Our mission is educative: from PortalProgramas we are going to explain more and better east movement because we thought that the users must be informed well to make the best decision explains Safe Youngest child, responsible for communication of PortalProgramas.com.

The report reveals that 85% of users trust free software; between those who distrust of him, in 52% of they do it to the cases by fear to that they can insert harmful code in its programs. The users know the theory: ” anyone can modify software libre” , but they do not know the work and supervision that the developer community realises before sending any free software. According to Carmen Apple orchards, ordered of the service of attention to users of PortalProgramas: the confidence in free software is very high but we to it do not give, our work is to give to the users all the possible information so that they are who decide if they trust or not. More results in the channel of aid on free software and the section of free software.

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September 7th


by Tam

HGsystem has sent to the market a new program: QuickOrder, the first free professional software for the admnistratin of restaurants and pizzeras. The program works through some components hardware: touch screen, printing and wireless connection to hand computers. The application is executed in the operating system Linux (Ubuntu), Windows and Mac. Simplicity and the functionality are their characteristics. The program not only is very easy to use, but also owns a very intuitive graph, a module to take to the orders to the table with a portable digital assistant Its use is simple: for example, the waiter takes the order with the computer from hand, that is sent from the system, at the same time as the printer in the kitchen and the box.

The program is based on a system of wireless communication (wireless). In addition, with this program you can store to any information, from the order of cash, the existence of inventory, can be known what young that she serves table. He can realise a pursuit of the reserves, state of the tables in the menu dining room. It can add to new plates and drinks. The request registers the order and right away to see the management of the premises. To computerize the management of a restaurant, pizzera and brewery means not only to accelerate the work, but also to improve its business. Software was developed with C + +, to improve the efficiency of data processing. Although almost all the software for the restaurants is made with Java language and the platform based on Web.

QuickOrder PostgresSQL is used in the data base, reason why he is strong and fast. The application is developed in the same atmosphere of production used by Nokia for the awarded movable solution. The program is of license of open code that allows to the access to the source code.

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June 24th


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