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Vestibule Programs
by Tam

The software vestibule Vestibule Programs has made public the results of the study Valuation of free software in the society (2009) where it occurs to know the degree information, confidence and use that the users have of free software and of the ideology that this one promotes. The results show that the society knows software free use, it and trust him. Nevertheless, 75% of them are open to use propietary software, reason why they do not follow the freedom philosophy who promote their founders and who go against using propietary software. the general vision in the society is that free software is, in the technical section, around any other type of applications. Nevertheless, it is needed to spread to the values and the philosophy that there is behind free software since we have found a percentage lifted of users whom they do not know clearly what is, and that influences negatively in its perception. Our mission is educative: from PortalProgramas we are going to explain more and better east movement because we thought that the users must be informed well to make the best decision explains Safe Youngest child, responsible for communication of PortalProgramas.com.

The report reveals that 85% of users trust free software; between those who distrust of him, in 52% of they do it to the cases by fear to that they can insert harmful code in its programs. The users know the theory: ” anyone can modify software libre” , but they do not know the work and supervision that the developer community realises before sending any free software. According to Carmen Apple orchards, ordered of the service of attention to users of PortalProgramas: the confidence in free software is very high but we to it do not give, our work is to give to the users all the possible information so that they are who decide if they trust or not. More results in the channel of aid on free software and the section of free software.



September 7th


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