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Commentaries with dofollow, they harm or they help? The truth is that I have remained a little surprised when seeing this video of Matt Cutts (directive of Google at the top of the equipment of quality of the American giant) in which gives answer to the question the commentaries with dofollow in a page, help or harm. For that not yet they are put in these technical words, when we spoke of connections dofollow we talked about connections that help to the positioning Web of the destiny page, on the contrary, connections with nofollow, would not serve for this necessity. By own experience I will say that, if you want that people comment in a page, of first she is going to you to cost much and that a fast and simple form to obtain it is to offer something in this case in return, a connection with dofollow. Evidently, Matt Cutts has part of reason, but from my point of view, not everything. To read more click here: Peter Asaro . If we allowed that people can put commentaries without rhyme or reason we could obtain that our page was penalized to send PageRank to pages penalized by Google, but we have a little moderation and we avoided Spam commentaries clearly, I do not see the disadvantage to use the label dofollow in our commentaries. In fact, to begin to stimulate people to comment, in my page of nofollow for the commentaries, that sinplan I have activated the label yes, previous moderation mine. If you are interested in this technique to make Link building, I leave to this connection with a compilation of blogs with the label dofollow you. To remember, that, at the time of putting connections is very important that these are put gradually to cause that it seems of most natural possible, but, if we put much of blow, we could fall in a penalty on the part of the finders which would produce the effect in opposition to which we wanted to obtain.

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October 4th


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