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Choosing A Domain Name
by Tam

It is important that the domain name was easily recognizable and memorable among the many Internet resources. Your domain name is the only key to online business. Your domain – your success in the network. A good domain name is the best property that you have ever had. It will help your business stand out from the crowd, or it will float aimlessly in space. For best results, your domain should be allocated, different from the rest and easily remembered. Altavista has many thoughts on the issue. Consider the following points when creating a domain name: A domain name should be short It should be simple It must be relevant to your business Must be unique It must be clear and easily pronounceable It should not be a bad or poorly recognizable to remember now, there are many common domains available for registration.

Although . Com is the word "commercial" and available to business sites on the Internet, you can be sure that you choose is . com for its domain, among other common names. The reason is that people are used to type the first name . Com when looking for a site.

Widely used available domain names -. Ru,. Su,. Ua,. Com,. Net,. Org,. Info,. Biz,. Us, and so on. The domain can be registered through many different companies. Registration is granted for a term of one to ten years. Prices everywhere are different, from $ 8 to $ 30 per year every registered domain name. Most of the companies leading the Web sites provide a self-registration, but registration, make sure that you are the owner of this domain. If you have already registered the domain name for a certain period of time, do not forget to pay on time and update the registration. You will be surprised by such a large number of cases, when site owners lose their domain to competitors, just because time has not updated the registration. Register domain and Web site needs to be separated.

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September 26th


Internal Site Optimization
by Tam

Internal optimization Catching promotion, the first question. which occurs in the web designer, where to get links. Large role in the number of links are internal links. In making the internal links are very important role is an internal website optimization. visitors love it when everything is simple and clear as they can in one click to get the right information. Proper internal linking give you a great otkryvaemost pages, search engines are interested in pages on which a lot of links, even from your own site.

1. Site map. It now goes on sitemap.xml, though this resource to search engines is very important. We'll talk about this page on your site, as site map. First of all, I would like to stress the importance of this move to increase the attractiveness to visitors. From this page you need to do all the links on your pages strategically osobovazhnye site. Wrong location is a link to another web site would lead the visitors. 2.

The most frequently asked questions. This item will be very helpful to your visitors to pass through the site, in poiskeneobhodimoy for them information. After visiting here, they receive immediate assistance, while the rate for polucheniyainformatsii very important. 3. Linke similar materials. It is very convenient at the bottom of the article, after its logical conclusion, to print a list of similar materials, list of the best articles. Similar in meaning they may be of interest to visitors and they will pass on the link to your page, rather than go to another site.

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August 2nd


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