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Organizational Management
by Tam

Management of the Knowledge nothing more is that the control in the way to make of the organizations is it come of the proper same organization or of the collaborator. Also it is tied with the decision on which is the critical knowledge that really matters to the organization and that it serves to its intentions and it provides resulted. The knowledge leads to the action in the development of new products or services, are on directly with innovation and competitive advantage. If for any product or generated service, a volume of knowledge of the company exists inside, of a side it exists the generation of products and services, and of another one it has the knowledge, everything this being monitored and folloied for organizations, but do not have a so great concern in spreading and multiplying this knowledge that finishes being in the hand of few. If you would like to know more then you should visit Mikkel Svane. The organizations are always in learning process, are important to consider the knowledge as an intellectual capital that are the qualifications, abilities, knowledge and the creativity of the people, that is, people more enabled to carry through a differentiated work, improving the processes, generating innovation.

In accordance with Peter Drucker & rdquo; The great profits of the productivity will happen of the improvements in the Management of the Conhecimento& rdquo;. The knowledge is not formed to perhaps, it needs to be managed. The management of the knowledge is the process through which the organizations generate value from its intellectual capital. Credit: neil cole iconix-2011. When it is said in generation of values, implies in sharing the intellectual assets between collaborators.

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May 11th


Strategic Geography
by Tam

This population growth provides for local commerce a chance of growth also in its sales and consequently increases of the profitability. Figure 2. Tax of annual Growth of the population. Source: Brazilian institute of Geography and statistics? IBGE. Seade foundation.

STRATEGICAL POSITIONS With the analysis of the strong, weak points, threats and current chances of the Portions and Cia Ltda Me, were possible to verify that the strategical position that the company comes adopting is of Survival. The survival strategy, second displayed previously, would have only to be adopted when it did not have alternative, therefore this strategy has predominance of weak points and threats. Through the interview with the proprietor of the company ‘ ‘ today I see that the company is well (steady) had worse moments where almost I declared falncia’ ‘ , and study of the theory presented on the positions strategies one suggests it Portions and Cia Ltda Me that the maintenance strategy is adopted, therefore this strategy can be modified by proprietors of the company since the maintenance strategy has predominance of strong points and threats. The strong and weak points are the internal 0 variable that the company controls, that is, it can modify these existing weak points. Thus generating more strong points, making possible that the maintenance strategy is applied. So that a strategy of maintenance either adopted by the company, suggests that the point weak of technology either worked so that if it becomes a strong point as soon as making possible the other weak points as of control of supply, control of cost and control of invoicing that are decurrent the technology passes to be considered strong points. For this one suggests that the company acquires a computer science system assists that it in the managemental control, since supply control until the invoicing of the company.

The maintenance strategy is a preferable position when the company is facing or waits to find difficulties, and from this situation she prefers to ahead take attitude defensive of the threats. For proprietor: I believe that always it can improve, with all the existing difficulties we arrive where we arrive. The success that we conquer is estaquinado, today the house accomodates 80 places, for the time being we will be thus. I have a dream in mounting one would churrascaria, but this is not in the planning. Necessary to keep what it was reached so far.

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April 12th


Certain Strategical
by Tam

In general way the company immortality searchs and the profitability in the market. For this reason, the strategical planning can assist the entrepreneurs who are responsible directly for the development of the company, therefore they needs objectives and goals thus and, to determine the action plan that it will be necessary for attainment of the results. However the small companies are the ones that less are worried about the strategical planning. For Certain (1993, P. 6), strategical planning ' ' it is defined as a continuous and interactive process that it aims at to keep an organization as a set appropriately integrated its ambiente' '. Through these definitions a line of thought is perceived very seemed that detaches the importance that to all interact the environment of the organization, all the sectors and departments need to be in the strategical planning.

With the strategical planning it is possible to direct the efforts of the common points, to clearly leave for all the employees the mission, the vision, the objectives of the company, etc and to stipulate a cronograma of work for all the employees in a skillful time to reach the longed for results. LEVELS OF the STRATEGICAL, TACTICAL AND OPERATIONAL PLANNING In the elaboration of a strategical planning exist levels that must be followed stop better performance of the process. In accordance with Oliveira (2004, p.47): The strategical planning, of isolated form, is insufficient, a time that the establishment of objectives in the long run, as well as its reach, results in a misty situation, therefore does not exist immediate actions that operacionalizem the strategical planning. The lack of these aspects is supplied through the development and implantation of the tactical and operational planejamentos of integrated form. Figure 1. The levels of decision and the types of planning. Source: (Oliveira, 2004, P. 45) the strategical Planning becomes related with objectives of long stated period and strategies and actions to reach them that affect the company as a whole.

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March 31st


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