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Scandinavian Tires
by Tam

All season tires as for me it's a marketing course producers that such way to create himself another niche for their products … In the loss to the potential buyer! What you need to know to select winter tires. Winter tires are classified by types of tread pattern. There are European and Scandinavian figure. Tires with different types of drawing have their own destiny, that is designed for different types of winter roads. Tyres with a 'European pattern'.

This figure is very similar to the summer, that is for rain. Features: 1). Pete Cashmore brings even more insight to the discussion. Diagonal construction with an extensive network of drainage channels and 2). A large number of blades, and 3). Strong lugs on the periphery of the tread tires with such a pattern is very well behaved in the thaw, when the wet snow prevails on the road. Tires are suitable if you drive around the city, on roads or well-cleaned the winter is very tender, and snowfall is forecasted for the entire period … Tyres with 'the Scandinavian pattern. " Features: 1).

The large number of rectangular or diamond-shaped "pieces" placed in a checkerboard pattern, is to grip the snow-covered road was the best. Tires for snow drifts. But you can also use them in a designated for the 'European pattern'. If we want thorns. If the winter operating conditions as harsh winter car in the north, it makes sense to spike or studded tires already buy. The main criterion, the quality of oshipovki. Kulibin better it is not trusted, and to make the procedure better in specialized tire changer shops. If all the same spines began to fall, you can determine the quality of oshipovkki at the edges of nests where there was a spike. If the nest is round and smooth you done a disservice if the nest torn, then you simply careless driving in his car. Spike wheels are from two to four seasons. It all depends on driving style and quality oshipovki … Tip: I sometimes have leading driven wheels, so you renew the service of all four wheels, because of the uniform they wear.

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November 18th


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