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Robot Opportunity
by Tam

The robot Opportunity is going to start analyzing a type of rock that could have formed in a time in which that world would be warmer and more humid than now on Mars. They are in the Endeavour crater, and to reach him, the vehicle had to go 21 miles by the plains of the red planet from previous which was studying, the Victoria crater. It has taken nearly three years to reach a crater to another, which would not be a notable mark on the land and for a more conventional vehicle. It is a milestone for the Opportunity. Machine, the size of a Golf carricoche, arrived at Mars in 2004, shortly after its twin Spirit did, for a mission of three months, but given the proper functioning of the equipment, NASA has been extending it. The Opportunity has already traveled more than 33 miles, which is 50 times more than the planned distance that you would be able to cover; the Spirit finally abandoned the past month of may, after more than one year of trying to recover communication lost with the vehicle in March 2010. Robotics is the source for more interesting facts. Source of the news:: new landscape of Mars for the robot Opportunity

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July 13th


Caja Laboral Against Madrid
by Tam

They clashed in the provincial trophy in the presentation of the Caja Laboral. The great advantage of San Emeterio, with 18 points, decisive in the victory. Rudy was discrete (7 points) and the Madrid failed too from the outside. The Caja Laboral has beaten Real Madrid 75-68 in the provincial trophy, which has served as a presentation of the new project from Vitoria for the 2011-12 season. The party has been very tight in the first part and the greater success of the inhabitants of the city in the third quarter allowed him to take the advantage needed to overwhelm the white team, which tried until the end to fight for the victory. The party has meant also the return of Pablo Prigioni vitoriano team after two seasons at Real Madrid and the first occasion in which the Argentine base has faced those who until June were his companions in the white set. The premiere of the remodeled plaza de toros de Vitoria, conditioned as a basketball court, has put on the sand to two contenders with the passage of the days will be in positions of honor, but which today are far his best level.

Caja Laboral-Real Madrid need still many more hours of training to finish finalizing and adjusting all parts of its mechanisms and this has been demonstrated at the first time. Caja Laboral has accused the lack of shooting of his players because until four days ago, Dusko Ivanovic has not had all his available men and yet to receive to a pivot. More toned Real Madrid, that, with interior of Begic work and in the absence of a rival pole of wingspan has shown, he has endured to the new team of Pablo Laso with slight advantages on the scoreboard. In sharing successes and mistakes, a final push of the premises has allowed them to come to rest with advantage, with a triple by Oleson, 32-29. Check out Northstar Inbound for additional information. The inhabitants of the city have tightened after step by changing rooms with its best lineup to distance themselves a maximum of thirteen points, 52-39 at the minute 27. Pablo Laso has revived his team with the entrance of Rudy and Sergio Rodriguez, in addition to with an alternative dnsa which has managed to close the gap to 57-51 in the absence of the last quarter. Mirotic and Rudy Fernandez have besieged further to the inhabitants of the city up to a 61-60, but six consecutive points of Teletovic have allowed catch air at Caja Laboral with less than five minutes to play.

Real Madrid has hit in the offensive actions and mistakes that have allowed Caja Laboral addressing a comfortable end to party with an income close to ten points have appeared. Factsheet 75. Caja Laboral (19 + 13 + 25 +): Heurtel (4), Oleson (8), San Emeterio (18), Teletovic (16), Milko Bjelica (6) – five initial-Nemanja Bjelica (6), Ribas (4), Seraphin (8), Prigioni (5), Musli. 68 Real Madrid (20 + 9 + 22 +): Rodriguez (6), Rudy (7), Suarez (2), Mirotic (11), Begic (7) – five initial-Velickovic (10), Tomic (2), Pocius (2), Reyes (4), Carroll (7), Llull (10). Umpires: Garcia Gonzalez, Sacristan Sanchez. They drew technique Velickovic (d. 25). Deleted Nemanja Bjelica (d. 36). Incidences: Match presentation of Caja Laboral disputed in the Sand Iradier, Vitoria before 8,400 spectators corresponding to the trophy Diputacion Foral of Alava.

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June 3rd


Mobile Phone Technology
by Tam

The technology of mobile phones has evolved much in recent years, as well as how to take them. Before, the most widely used mobile covers were leather black, serious and smart, since the main customers of mobile phones were entrepreneurs and executives who used them for their travel for work. As in all sectors of the market, we must adapt or die, therefore covers mobile manufacturers, have changed their products, today, we can find a great variety of them, in different textures, such as leather, plastic, metal and with a multitude of colors and styles. The truth is that there is a huge market around mobile, large amount of car accessories, helmets, protectors of screen, stickers, etc. Today, after a certain age, depending on the family, with 7 or 8 years all members have one or more phones, well to communicate with their parents, stay in touch with friends, surf the internet, etc. The children, from a very small, pay great attention to phones, either by the colors of mobile sleeves or because they always see elders with one hand and they try to imitate them. In one way or another, the truth is that they are called attention, in fact it is very common to find parents tried to give food or snack to their children, and see the small looking mobile phone, parents tend to use it as a prize, if they behave well are taught photos or a video of your favorite drawings, either simply to make it behave better. But is this a wise choice? Is it okay to let children use mobile from so small? As with everything, there are various opinions on the subject, there are people who are favor because they believe that it encourages children to develop certain skills, the truth is that we can find children who can barely speak, but know manage an i-phone to perfection. Others, they are against and claim that it instills children too much in technology, does not promote the relationships with other people, well with adults or children, and hence in the future, spend hours sitting against his orderly instead of going out to have fun with other children.

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April 17th


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