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Industrial Masks
by Tam

Like that in a restaurant with a menu of twenty pages, the vast amount of options often creates uncertainty about the element that would be the best for us, here is where comes to carve our work as specialists in the sector.Before starting with this little guide, it is good to do this should not be any devices to lightly, there are environments that are immediately dangerous to life or health, where atmospheric oxygen concentration is less than 19.5% and must always have the advice of a specialist in the topic.Disposable mask and respirator reutilizableLa disposable mask can be an effective protective device, especially when risks are limited to dry particles in the air, such as sawdust or plaster. Some models are equipped to handle annoying fumes, as they are experienced by welders. Many of them are equipped with one-way valves, which provide an additional level of comfort by allowing the exhaled air is one low resistance path through the valve.Reusable masks are designed to be removed easily for cleaning after each use. They can be used comfortably during prolonged use, classification of respirators: respirators are classified according to what filtered. The main division here is if the particles or gases and vapours are filtered. Speaking of gases and vapours we mean those like those found in paints and pesticides, chlorine, etc. that require the use of a reusable mask for proper filter cartridge.Particulate aerosols can be free of oil, such as sawdust or fiberglass insulation, or could have a spray oil component as you can find in a machine shop. Finally here is a curiosity, do any of you know what mean the N, R and P letters that come in masks?The origins are not well publicized but here those are: N should not be used with Ingestible oils resistant can be used for a maximum of eight hours in the environment of oil in step aerosolP better test of choice for environment-friendly spray oil if you want to know more about masks for industrial use, light hammers, industrial supplies, tools, electrical tools or any topic to end, do not hesitate to contact our website.

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May 15th


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