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by Tam

To succeed in freelancing is not enough simply post your resume and wait for you to offer high-paying job. Freelance – Work on this particular project, tender for which is yet to win. The main thing you need to get Internet work – an ability to communicate and experience. Experience – come with time, and even a programmer with no experience can get a profitable project, properly and promptly responding to the customer. Initially, however, should not threaten to large projects, and try to gain positive feedback, performing minor work. For customers with smaller projects are often the determining factor is the speed of response, and often the first applicant will become Executive winner of the tender. This can happen literally in the first minutes and even seconds after posting the project, so it is important to monitor new projects and respond quickly to their appearance.

To provide timely information about new open source projects is very convenient to use the rss-feeds freelance-sites. Do not be afraid to bet on multiple projects. All bets are preliminary and require further confirmation. Often Customers placing projects on several exchanges freelance work and forget about their projects. So many bids do not response. To get a job, you need to apply for the execution of several projects. Formulate a proposal for the project can be reformulation task the customer. For example, if the customer needed to correct errors in based on the OSCommerce site, and write 'I'll fix bugs in your OSCommerce site'. Such an application favorably with applications such as 'Ready to start', which are often exhibited in the automatic mode, special programs, and at least gives the customer the confidence that you have read the job on the project. Also, the application should indicate how (by what tools, based on what sources) you will solve the problem of the customer. So, to get a job on a freelance site, you must: be an expert in a particular area to respond quickly to the deployment of new projects Make an application for a number of projects properly formulate the text of the application to specify a timeframe and price the job brings ever greater experience and positive feedback from customers

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December 8th


The Key
by Tam

Do not interfere, and personal website portfolio freelancer. Beautifully and professionally decorated, on a paid hosting and with enough work, he will be able to successfully attract customers. On its Web site does not necessarily limited to only one portfolio, you can add a place of useful articles to make a full informative site. A good solution is also a freelancer and a blog. If you can make it interesting, you will have Regular readers. A portfolio will need to bring in a special section. Freelance for beginners might initially seem a strange thing.

How it all works, where to look for orders, how to get paid? In fact, things are not so difficult. Exchange of freelancing, which was mentioned above, are pretty common and how they work is simple. The most famous exchanges – it weblancer.net and free-lance.ru First you will need to register at the exchange and choose to specialize. Then you will write an application for work that offered by other users Exchange – customers. One order can respond to a large number of freelancers, so do not be discouraged if your application does not approve. This routine part of freelancing – customers have a great selection of artists, and they naturally choose those they no longer fit. Thus, we have already determined that we have a sufficient level of professionalism and chose a suitable proud name and logo (avatar).

What to do next, how to hook the customer, how to make it choose you? For the customer is very important detail is the portfolio of freelancer. Portfolio – the best proof of your capabilities. No summary can not be compared with such a visual representation of your experience and abilities. The portfolio can be spread any work, depending on your specialization: the website design, text and computer programs. But how to fill portfolio beginner freelancer, especially when you can not take the first order? It's pretty simple: nobody forbids to spread the work done not for the order, but only for themselves. Invent for themselves various tasks and execute them. So you can very quickly fill the portfolio of quality work. No less important, and customer testimonials about your work, which the customer can leave the stock market. All exchanges are arranged in such a principle, that hacks and cheaters quickly grab all the negative reviews and will no longer work with them, because nobody will trust them. Therefore, the exchange is very important to monitor your reputation, is the key to your success. Summarizing, we can say that the freelance – work for the industrious. You can not come into freelancing and immediately "cut" easy money. Professional work, responsible attitude and attentiveness to customer requirements – is the key to your success in working remotely.

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July 23rd


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