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Like Educating A Puppy
by Tam

The first a to consider to know like educating to a puppy it is his Sociabilizacin. It is why in this one first article on like educating a puppy we will focus in this one Important period of the life of all puppy. To know more about this subject visit Zendesk. SOCIABILIZACIN OF the PUPPY the sociabilizacin or period of stamp determines the bases on which the temperament of the puppy will form. This is a stage that goes from the 45 days to the 4 months of age, during this one time the puppy acquires the necessary behaviors for the life in pack, is the period where but contact must have with the human being. It is the important part but of the development of the canine species.

If it is not carried out correctly it can create fear, phobias, and anxiety. Alina de Almeida: the source for more info. It is very important that during this one period it coexists with people of different ages, adults, old, young, men, pregnant women, women and mainly young, also with other dogs puppies and adults and other animal like cats, rabbits, turtles, horses, cows, etc. If it does not do it it will never be able to coexist in harmony with them, always will have coexistence problems. It is very common in a family whom to some of their members it likes the dogs and to others also they like the cats; if your puppy did not coexist with cats between the 3 first weeks of life and the 4 months; you must know that to bring a cat to the house a young pair can be very problematic that glides to have children will have to sociabilizar to the puppy with great amount of children of all the ages; mainly those that they have between 2 and 6 years. If your puppy did not coexist with children during this one stage, is probable that it accepts never them and even can attack them in the future.

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May 9th


Ivan Castaneda Jimenez Autor
by Tam

Blogs are a part of many technological advances that we have seen in recent days, and have quickly become very popular. People can create and share their thoughts, ideas and knowledge with others around the world. There are lots of Blogs on the internet these days, but not all of them are equal. Many are excellent, but others are really very poor content, just what exactly makes a less pleasant Blog and this can be attributed to several reasons. Firstly, it can sometimes be difficult to find a Blog that best suits your current needs, for example, doing a search on the Internet of a Blog on a topic specific you can find hundreds and even thousands of sites, you are going to find as a Blogger and other platforms of high-range, then a batch big enough blogs of lesser rank and among them to find which best suits your needs and the main reason of having so many Blogs in the network is that is easy of set up and the best part is that it is free. Another problem with Blogs is the content. A Blog aims to be a forum to express themselves in the world, unfortunately, many people tend to use it as a chat room, among friends. Many of them write about all local events and people also tend to use phrases and/or slang that is only known by his friends.

This drives away potential readers who would like to gain some knowledge from the Blog. In addition, there are often too many Blogs out there that have not been updated, many begin eager to time to launch your Blog great highway of the Internet but are not taken the time to publish frequently after a while. It would be useful if the owners of Blogs often realize that people are interested in the information they can provide and would like to form a relationship with the writer. However, this means the writer has to sustain their part of the bargain and provide valuable information to its readers. Speaking of content, if we consider the creation of a Blog, think of a topic that has material enough interesting to discuss, either politician, Showbiz, sport, music, religion, how to earn money online and many more is the most recommendable, remember that many of these issues can become controversial and people love to discuss these. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Bobby Sharma Bluestone.

Another common problem with Blogs is the feature of the comments. It is virtually useless in many cases, a large number of owners of Blogs have a place available for comment, but many do not bother to respond to the comments placed. It is difficult to create a good community of readers if you leave them the sensation of that feel insignificant or ignored. The world of Blogs can be fresh, interesting and exciting. However the work of writers must be constantly and responsibly to create relevant Blogs that are useful for a wide range of people. Chat rooms were created for chat and intimate conversations, as opposed to Blogs that are to create a community that can share information and passion on various topics. If the writers are focus on the number of readers rather than themselves, Blogs would be better for everyone. If you want to have a Weblog like the pros use WordPress.

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December 25th


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