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Software Collage
by Tam

From the French word "collage" is translated as "stickers". In the classical form under the collage involve gluing a flat or bulk materials on a canvas or linen. The result is an original painting, consisting of several united by a common idea of the elements. With the advent of digital photography to prepare a colorful collage has become much easier. In this context, the word "sticking" loses its plain meaning – now opportunity to create a collage automatically by special computer programs. Vivid collage of photos – a great opportunity to effectively arrange your favorite photos, or to prepare the original message. There is quite a reasonable question – how to create collages automatically? What to do this? In the first place, beautiful photos and quality software. And then it all depends on your imagination, original ideas and creative imagination.

To create a photo collage automatically, we will use the editor of AutoCollage from ams Software. You may wish to learn more. If so, Steven Johnson is the place to go. It's convenient and easy to use software to create collages of professional quality. Main product advantage is that it allows you to create collages automatically in just a few seconds. You only need to select the desired shape, add pictures, and a great composition of photos ready! The procedure for creating a collage is quite simple and consists of several simple steps. Initially, the user defines the parameters of the future of collage and choose its type. The composition may be simple, spiral, three-dimensional, and also it can be issued in the form of an original figure from photographs. Each type contains a large number of ready-made design options, examples of which you can see directly into the program. Next, to create a collage automatically, you need to select pictures.

The program allows you to add a whole folder of images and specific photographs for display. You can choose the most convenient location shots on the sheet, change their size and direction. The editor allows to use labels and titles in the collage, adding a stylish outline or shadow in the photos, to replace the background of the composition. Basic options for editing are in the right working area. With this program, AutoCollage you can easily create colorful postcards of the photos, beautiful prints and stylish icons for your desktop. Favorite photos will become a new vision, but before you open unlimited opportunities for creative expression!



January 29th


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