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Public Security Development
by Tam

Chest all the techniques are difficult and complex application and are interrelated methods for optimizing visibly affect on the levels of work autonomy (made compatible with a strong fixation on search behavior) and specific motivation (both intrinsic as extrinsic), which in turn promote demonstrably unsurpassed degree of concentration of the dog during the development of different lookup has to face, enhanced as a result of extreme form, the values of necessary speed, olfactory performance and the systematic development of fruitful search strategies by the exemplary canine for the detection and location of people, explosives, narcotics, endangered animal, or any other element logically, even in potentially adverse situations, as in the case of confined spaces, with absolutely zero visibility levels and spatial dimensions of extremely small displacements. In 1994, culminates demonstrably, the creation of Method Chest, having had to settle with a particular firm, almost despondent at times, frequent and difficult challenges such pitfalls own research and innovation, whose work, for example, were numerous and complex incidents and independent variables that affected examples at random on a voluntary or involuntary, both the observational and experimental research on canine specimens, people involved or the multiple diversity of environments and circumstances selected and used for developments search operations. Chest The method proved to officially be fully completed, particularly in Seville October 1994, undergoing verification practices, under strict parameters of extreme adversity (auditory, visual and odoriferous) both outside and search operations in confined spaces with no visibility, with many members of various Fire Departments, and intervene where directly couple and their canine companion Chest, during the development of the official course on disaster rescue and salvage of the School of Public Security of Andalusia (Junta de Andalucia). .



November 24th


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