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Poor Power Supply
by Tam

In the modern office, apartment or country house from the mains powered almost everything. The quality of electricity consumption is poor. All of us, especially those who live outside the city, repeatedly experienced power outages, which immediately affect the work of electrical appliances. Submission of current supply can be unstable for various reasons: it’s an accident at the substations and lines power, and the old transformers and cables, as well as many other contingencies that could cause deviations of the applied voltage or power outage. When the voltage drops power fading light, and many household appliances (washing machines, refrigerators, computers) at reduced voltage can not work. This is a temporary problem. When you restore a normal rated voltage operation of the equipment is restored. You just have to wait a few minutes (or hours). Unexpected outage is harmful to computers and other office equipment, and when at the same time lost unsaved file – the result of your work for several hours – long gone and the mood! Worse things are at an elevated voltage (overvoltage) – devices simply burn out, sometimes regardless of whether they work in time of the accident or not.

A failure of the autonomous heat supply or country houses, as well as water pumps, hot water boilers, security systems, can cause them to stop and failure. While Heating system, for example, in the midst of Bitter cold will be “unfrozen”, and its repair will cost you almost the cost of the equipment. One can endlessly to sue perpetrators of the accident at the substation, to the old wires and etc., but it is much easier to protect your household appliances in advance. To do this, and there are various devices to stabilize the voltage – Regulators and uninterruptible power supplies. Stabilizer is inexpensive protection only, can save the electrical equipment from most emergencies the network to improve the quality of your power center “stabilizers” offers: – Voltage 1-3F. up to 300kW lider spe INTEPS””wide input voltage range 110-320V, output voltage 220/380V accuracy within 0.9% -4.5%, stabilizers, conditioners (electrically decouple the input and output devices, ie isolate the consumer from the external network) and etc. – Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) – these devices in a power outage allow to shut down the computer, electronics and other high-end technology and sensitive. Charge Some ups batteries can supply the whole data centers, for several hours. – Power petrol and diesel engines with Honda, , John Deere, Volvo Penta, Yanmar, Deutz different power 0.8 kVA 2200 kVA degree of automation and integration (the station can be supplied both for indoor and for outdoor use), air and liquid cooling, the world’s leading manufacturers? SDMO-industries?,? geko In addition be available welders petrol and diesel, as well as pumps for clean-contaminated mud and water-based engine Honda.



November 28th


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