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New Technologies
by Tam

When if it speaks in technology is usual that if it imagines computers with multiprocessors of last generation, specialized staff and one fund technological highly informatizado. Dell Computers will undoubtedly add to your understanding. However, one knows that the creation and the appropriation of techniques are part of the development of the humanity. Exactly in its primrdios the man invents, innovates, reinventa and renews. When making aluso to the society of the beginning of the historical times, Saints (1998), standes out that, each human group construa its space of life with the techniques that invented to take off of its piece of nature the indispensable elements to its proper survival. Organizing the production, it organized the social life and it organized the space, in the measure of its proper forces, necessities and desires. But, after all, what it is technology? Etimologicamente, the term has origin Greek, with the junction of the terms techn (technique or art) and logos (joint to know), however the technology definition if extends to the being associated with the way of effective production in the society. It can be said that, of the secular techniques, since the use of the chalk and the black picture until the emergent and current educational technologies, a long evolutiva trajectory in the didactic organization of the professor was covered.

However, the sprouting each sped up time more of new ways has brought certain confusion in the way to think the educational education, school and politics for this sector. In this scene of uncertainties they are the New Technologies of Information and Communication (NTICs). Deriving mainly of the Third Industrial Revolution, the new technologies make possible the advent of what &#039 is called; ' society of conhecimento' ' or ' ' society of informao' '. The study if it more justifies for the presence each sped up time of these new ways – mainly the computer and the Internet – in the daily life educandos them, them professors and of the school, it is inquired: which the purpose of the new technologies in the pertaining to school environment? That interests are in game? To assume of vocbulo technology to express the decurrent product of the creativity human being would so only be so pueril how much to assign the devilish expression of the being, that is, the perpetual existing doubt enters the substitution of the man for the machine or the transformation of the machine in element auxiliary in the way of production and the daily life of the people.



March 18th


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