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Memory Stick Pro
by Tam

Full name card now sounded so – Memory Stick Pro / ms Pro. Prefix Pro Sony marked a breakthrough in the maximum capacity for memory cards. It was stated that was not far off the conquest abroad to 1 gigabyte. And it should be noted that this happened fairly quickly. Viacom insists that this is the case. But before that, Sony has announced the launch of a new memory card Standard: Memory Stick Duo (MS Duo). . The memory card Memory stick Duo: see photo.

Memory cards Memory Stick Duo / ms Duo were also limited in the amount of 128 megabytes, but later, by analogy with the Memory Stick and Memory Stick Pro, a new standard Memory Stick Pro Duo / ms Duo Pro. What distinguished the Memory Stick Duo from its predecessor? Of course – size. A new map was three times smaller and half the weight memory card Memory Stick. It is clear that her appearance – it is a necessity for global miniaturization of digital devices. Now Sony has two standard memory cards: Memory Stick and Memory Stick Duo.

The first for example, used in digital cameras, and the second in mobile phones under the brand name Sony Ericsson. And it should be noted that the percentage of devices supporting the standard Memory Stick Duo at the time of its release was minimal, but a compatibility issue shot through the adapter, which was inserted Memory Stick Duo card, and passed automatically to the standard Memory Stick (Memory Stick Pro). In November 2004, to add high-speed cards, with a doubling in comparison with Memory Stick and Memory Stick Duo cards, the rate data.



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