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by Tam

The games of the Mario had conquered a imensido of people. With its skill ' bonacho' , Mrio, the plumber who uses red overalls with blue t-shirt and cap, started its history for the Kingdom of the Mushrooms, with its Luigi brother, when they had been to fix the plumbing in the house of a woman. At this moment, them they had been sucked by the pipe and they had been to stop in the Mushroom Kingdom (Kingdom of the Mushroom). In this magical world, them they had known the Peach princess and, from there, they had initiated a true maratona to save it, since stocking comes back and, it is abducted by the feared Bowser. Who desires to reviver the adventures with this hero can have access different sites of the Internet that had been specialized in offering the games of the Mario in the most diverse styles.

They exist for all the gostos, either for the perpetual fans of the Mario games, that can have access the classic games, that had been fever during decades, either for the new fans who like to play games in the Internet and, certainly, go to prefer the new adventures of the plumber. In the new adventures, found in the Internet, games of the Mario show the hero in intergalcticas battles, walking of kart, motocross, motorcycle, of jet-ski, making piruetas in the circus, among others estripulias. However, the preferred game of the fans youngest of the Mario and its group are the Mario Combat, where it needs to fight with the enemies to win the game, and not only to jump in turtles and evil mushrooms, as in its classic games. Created in 1981, for the Japanese Ikegami Tsushinki, Mario it came to this world with the mission of being one of the first games of Nintendo, Japanese company who, per many decades, was leader in the branch of the videogames.



March 16th


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