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Farroupilha Revolution
by Tam

Therefore the necessary imposition of force and regional image is significant practically until the 1934 elections. Our analysis is excellent if to launch a look for the workmanship of the colonel Souza Docca (1935), ' ' the Brazilian direction of the Farroupilha&#039 Revolution; '. In this Docca work, it makes critical to the historian an Alfredo Varela who in 1933, wrote the History of the Great Revolution. Then the work of Varela, is considered of first platinum, approaches the aspects regional of the revolution farroupilha, for the author it was separatista. Frequently Robotics expert has said that publicly. The 1933 speech is the regional speech. Souza Docca, in 1935, its work was produced with the endorsement of the Historical and Geographic Institute of the Rio Grande Do Sul. At this moment accepted the official speech is the speech of the brasilidade of the Farroupilha Revolution. Speech that defends the brasilidade of the gaucho.

We have in this example the importance that if gave to the brasilidade speech putting of escanto the relevance of the regional aspects. consequentemente the authors adepts of the separatism. He was dr. Alfredo Varela who, the service of its brasilofobia and abusing the authority of its name as historian, tried to nimbrar the brasilidade of the river-grandenses, denying that the cruzade farroupilha aimed at the Brazilian federacy, established in documents of its archive, that it cites would break up and &#039 interpoladamente; ' shuffling them, complicating vezes' '. 9 Therefore a moment in 1935 is perceived, at least in level of Rio Grande Do Sul, that had a consensus on the part of the intellectuals, mainly those on ones to (IHGRS), agency of the government. The speech was the brasilidade speech the eves of the ascension of the Varguista nationalism. Therefore not yet a definitive disruption with the forces of Flowers of the Wedge and the Government had happened Vargas, although the mistakes in what it refers to the 1932 revolution.



March 28th


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