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Count Consumption
by Tam

In determining the estimated consumption by gravitating areas used the concept of transit, side, associated and concentrated costs. Transit flow qmp – consumption in the previous settlement area (area 20-21) lateral flow q6oK – consumption, coming from the lateral branches, the associated expense qnon – consumption coming from the adjoining district, centered on the consumption of non-residential facility qc. Concentrated flow qc of non-residential facility is defined as the sum of the estimated cost of wastewaters of different origin (eg, residential, industrial and shower), all of which are calculated respectively by formulas (3.18) (3.21) and (2.28). Distinguish local transit and concentrated costs. I. Local concentrated consumption – consumption of industrial plant, located on the adjoining quarter or part thereof (when tracing the network at a lower side of the quarter), is shown in Fig. 3.6, Column 1, the numbers are entered settlement sites on the movement of water from the neighborhoods, creating a favorable 5, side and transit costs, and in Count 3 – calculated from the sum of their squares F, ha.

Column 4 indicates a specific module for the area flow q0, l / (hundred). Column 5 are entered value of the average flow rate from all gravitating to this site area (and associated lateral) e ", w> l / sec. The transit rate in column 6 is the average flow rate in column 7 in the previous settlement site. Column 7 record qmidi s – sum of secondary side, and the associated transit costs, and in Count 9 – qmaxs – the maximum flow of domestic water on the current site. .

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June 24th


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