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Altenardor Battery
by Tam

The importance of energy generating the Altenardor alternator the alternator is responsible for the electric energy, is the alternator that feeds the other electric components, beyond keeping the loaded battery. One of the interesting characteristic of the alternator is to generate more energy when the battery this unloaded, its name is referencial to the type of chain produzida.esse product in accordance with functions the bedding of the electromagnetic induction: the electric chain flows through the rotor creating a etromagntico field that induces the electron movement in the bobbins of the stator, resulting an alternating chain. In automotivos alternators, the addition of two basic components exists: the rectifying plate, that the chain transforms alternated into continuum, and the regulator of responsible tension for the control of the tension. The three main function of the alternator to 1.carregar the battery. to 2.fornecer electric energy to feed the other components electronic I propagate of it. to 3.poupar energy stored in the battery, when the engine this in functioning.

Alternator and its components the stator has eltrica.os the function to create chain more common defects in the stator is the short circuits in the bobbins and plates of steel. The rotor has the function to form a magnetic field that has as resulted correte eltrica.os defects found in the rotor are the short circuit enter wires of the bobbin, what it even though provokes the reduction the total absence in the capacity to generate electric chain. Rectifying plate Transforms the chain alternating that is produced by the alternator in chain continues used to restitute the load of the battery and to feed the other consumers of energy of the carro.defeitos most common burnt diodes, indicating light in the panel. Regulator of tension the tension regulator has as function to protect the equipment that makes use of the energy generated for the alternator controlling the tension produced in any regimen of rotation of the engine.



October 23rd


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