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Social Media Marketing Changes
by Tam

Facebook has decided to be Internet, so it could be entitled a reflection on innovation that, progressively, the social network puts up giving users and brands of best utilities in which efficiency is always a constant. The social network goes one step further in his innovative career and gives brands of new utilities focused on one aspect nearest to the profiles. Changes will not take into force on all pages until next March 10, meanwhile, so get to know them to be able to take advantage of all the underlying opportunities and update our pages. Let’s look at the changes: photographs. Facebook modifies the dimension of the photos and presents them reduced. The social network gives prominence to the images, it is more than evident that the expansion followed by the video and its importance in the new advertising model and marketing, make integration and relevance of this variable a necessity for all brands. Utilities lose relevance, become a relationship under the picture that identifies the profile. Facebook adds the iFrame.

Images of recent followers are also modified. If transit through social networks weren’t already in itself same demanding, now social network allows user to talk to user voice or voice of brand. To do this, administrators figure acquires greater relevance obviously for the relationship between this option and the figures of the Community Manager – Administrators will be those who choose if they used Facebook as page or user. This may not be sized in proportion, but imagine the utilities that reported this novelty for those who are immersed in a branding campaign or a new product launch. No doubt this newness of Facebook gives marks from greater opportunities to achieve success in their management of social media. The pages may be like in the other pages and interact from brand to brand, related pages where they feed on others, making segmentation Spider Web grow without losing connectivity.


April 25th


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