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Virtual Server
by Tam

Advantages of dedicated server: Maximum power and performance, because resources not be shared have independence and flexibility through unrestricted access and high data transfer volume is available total capacity of the server administration rights and servers provide availability rate Virtual Server performance particularly cheap at the virtual servers is available real server performance. However, the customer is not your own server hardware available. “The performance of the hardware is based on the Virtuozzo technology depending on the need for several customers shared with. This virtual server to the significantly lower prices can be offered. The virtual server providers guarantee partially determined performance parameters such as memory or limit the maximum number of vServers per host. Each virtual server acts thereby completely autonomously and independently as a separate server and can be equipped with different operating systems. Although virtual server in principle have root access, there are specific restrictions. So individual modules may not be loaded or sporadic access is not possible.

In addition to the above-mentioned cost savings virtual server offer a convenient user interface as with a Web hosting package allows the easy administration. The server hosting providers take over the care and maintenance of the system also, so that customers can save themselves this extra effort. For especially intensive applications that require a lot of server resources, is still a private root server or managed server is a better alternative. Benefits of virtual server much more freedom and performance as a “classic” Web hosting cost less than a dedicated root server performance through guaranteed resources system according to your own ideas simple and quick management of virtual server server comparison for dedicated and virtual servers who want to rent a cheap server, should before the individual offers of hosting providers compare. Therefore be in our clear comparison of server hosting the virtual – root -, Windows -, managed and Game server of the large providers directly compared.

For a better classification, the servers are classified depending on the scope of the services in the categories comfort, professional, basic and premium. Within these categories above all the most important features such as processor, memory, hard disk size, traffic volume, number of domains and operating systems are then presented along with the price and the contractual details clearly. Smaller dedicated root servers are already available in around 30 euros per month. The cheap virtual server will be offered from 8 euros per month from the server providers. Just compare and own server for rent

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February 19th


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