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University Wedding Rings
by Tam

Wedding rings on order are of particular importance "ring of graduates." This is jewelry made of gold and silver, sometimes decorated with precious and semiprecious stones. For example, graduates of the Massachusetts University of Technology are committed to wear the ring, formally known as Standard Technology Ring, and unofficially – Brass Rat (brass rat). Golden Ring massively and necessarily contains engraved with the year of issue. According to it, graduates know each other. Generally, such a ring on his finger can tell not only the formation of its owner, but also its status and even personality – it often rings are made to suit the individual wishes owner. Good traditions of graduation ceremonies and is rich in Russian history.

So in the Pages of His Majesty the body before taking the whole issue of the officers ordered the same gold ring with a wide steel rim outside. Steel of the rings symbolized the strong cohesion and friendship of those who graduated from the Corps of Pages. The ring is engraved with a motto: "You will be hard as steel, and pure as gold." Learning graduate housing on the ring, all pages, regardless of year of issue and the position, addressed each other as "thou." Pages' alumnus who has reached career heights tend to render any kind of protection to his comrades on the body, and thus , the former the pages most often occupied the highest military and administrative positions, even in the Empire. We know that Pushkin and his comrades-lyceum students for many years had been faithful student friendship. And that's why they called themselves "Chugunnikov," not everybody knows. It turns out that the day the person of its director, EA Engelhardt gave pupils made from fragments of a broken cast-iron bell rings Lyceum as dense in welcoming hands. K Unfortunately, after the revolution, many of graduation traditions have been lost, as well as a tradition to use wedding rings, and some did not have time to develop. However, during the Soviet period the graduates of different universities also there were signs of differences – as the traditional "diamond" and exclusive badges, made to order specifically.



January 16th


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