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Traditional Midwifery
by Tam

Most recently, 150 years ago, was invited to give birth the midwife who had no medical training, and a rich experience in making deliveries. now the management of pregnancy and childbirth – the prerogative of medical professionals. In spite of this midwife in traditional areas of its activity is based not only on the received her medical education, but also on the age-old female experience. It is not often the expectant mother are important not so much the medical manipulation, as human support and information about pregnancy and childbirth. The midwife did not consider pregnancy a disease and therefore did not insist on systematic interventions by physicians without the rigid needs. Problem help their Trust women to recall the accumulated centuries of experience of childbirth, learn to feel, your intuition, your body. Therefore, the most important for midwives are not generally accepted normotivy, and a woman and her child, their well-being, both physical and emotional. Educating parents on all matters relating to pregnancy, childbirth and neonatal care, that is, information preparation for childbirth, as is the work of midwives.

It is the midwife should tell their trust on the changes occurring to her during pregnancy, the prenatal development of the baby stages of childbirth and the postpartum period features. In protssse of pregnancy midwife may well find the woman. Establish a trusting relationship with her, to understand that the woman concerned. This is not only about possible health problems, but also about psychological worries. This helps the midwife preserve the emotional state of pregnant woman in labor, to protect it from unnecessary medical intervention (stimulation, analgesia, etc.). Well knowing childbirth, the midwife can always offer her time such safe methods pain relief and correction, such as water, massage, change of posture, use of herbal medicine or homeopathy.

because of this birth with a midwife traditional areas safer. Interestingly, when administered pregnancy midwife during childbirth is much less likely to occur indications for the use of painkillers and rodostimuliruyuschih drugs, which in itself may subsequently cause various complications in the baby. operating in the same birth pregnant women, midwives were observed at the end with half less than that of other women. At birth, at birth, birth prosihodit the whole family. Realizing this midwife always privetsvtuet participation in labor pope.



September 5th


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