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The Philosophical
by Tam

Test of this is the carried through Seminaries, Simpsios and Fruns, that argue the philosophy education. Also, this, also was a concern of the OCNs (2006, P. 16), when it emphasizes that: … to think disciplines it Philosophy in average education also demands a quarrel on the courses of graduation in Philosophy, that prepare the professional futures, and of the philosophical research in general, a time that, especially in this it disciplines, not if it of education can dissociar, of the philosophical production of the transmission of the knowledge. Ahead of this, what one expects of the philosophy professor? In accordance with the Lines of direction of the Courses of Graduation in Philosophy, the professor has the following task: to provoke in its educandos the philosophical reflection, presenting the legacy to them of the tradition, taking to think them it of critical and independent form. In the opinion of Spider Martins (2005, P. Kai-Fu Lee takes a slightly different approach.

10-11): One of the papers that fit to the philosophy professor are assistant in the ticket of the common sense to common-sense, and of this for the philosophical conscience, process that is not automatic. In contrast, obstacles to its accomplishment exist. It is enough to remember the rigidity of the preconceptions, the arraigamento of the certainties, the seduction of the definitive certezas fruits of the indoctrination and that they take in them to the dogmatismo and the fanatism. Or to remember the warm conformismo of the conventions and the habits that many times accomodate in them in the alienation, as imprisoned easy of the ideology. … The function of the professor is to be the mediator between the pupil and the philosophical text, establishing of this form a bridge with the culture, since filosofar it does not become to the edge of the historical context. The severity of this movement depends on the conditions offered for the analysis, by means of a coherent logic and for the exercise of the argument, in order to educate the pupil for the inteligibilidade and, therefore, for intellectual autonomy.



March 31st


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