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The German Broker Multi List Is Online
by Tam

estagon.com – estate agents make common cause and promote your offers in the community business that since 1981 in the United States, existing system, the multiple-listing service, is now also in and for Germany available. estagon.com – the German broker multi list is a closed real estate portal plus online management system for brokers, property managers, property developers, object developers and architects. The portal acts performing community transactions between brokers. The customer groups, property management companies, property developers, object developers and architects can set your offers in estagon.com the German broker multi list, to make market by brokers. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Kai-Fu Lee has to say. The estate agents (members) of the German broker multi list have access to all listed real estate listings, real estate projects, as well as land and can this market in the business community. Real estate agents are thus enabling your customers, all located in the portal listings, to present and to offer. The German version of the multiple-listing service has been in the Comparison to the systems in the United States by the portal owners together with experts from the German real estate industry as well as experienced broker colleagues further developed and greatly expanded in its functions.

So, now not only all listings on the real estate portal of your colleagues for marketing available, but also a complete management system available to members. Within the scope of administrative cooperation contracts with to be agreed individually Commission splits. Manage customers and cooperation partners, offers and events. The real estate portal of estagon.com is equipped with card search, view of search results on maps, details, photo gallery or as a list of one modern and technically innovative in Germany. The biggest difference between the systems in the United States is not only the scope but also the login code, the broker can make available to your customers.

This code ensures the appropriate real estate agent, that all his customers only when it requests even when the webpage selects an offer of another Member of the German broker multi list. Not only the innovative functionality, but also the calculation of pricing and contract for the members was instrumental in the planning. To grow as quickly as possible to the community estagon.com’s German brokers multi list, predicted with a pencil, to keep as low as possible that their spending. So is the full scope of services for 6 euros + VAT per month plus plus a one-time registration fee of 10 euro + VAT to have. While the deals that can upload the members remain indefinitely.



November 13th


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