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The Faith Climate Sauna
by Tam

Soft steam bath, hot-air bath, humidity bath, herbal bath, feel you the difference! For over 40 years, develops and manufactures Fechner saunas and spas. Managing Director Eberhard Waldenmaier has set new trends with its sauna new developments. This starts with a classic-looking pillar sauna a sauna in a modern design with an exceptional Brazilian sandstone wall, combined to the sauna with infrared technology. The outside look can be freely selected exceptional design or species under a variety. What is special about the faith climate sauna is the special heater. It provides more fresh air into the cabin, this creates a climate gentle cycle in the sauna, there is no risk of combustion from the furnace and also it has more space, eliminating the respect zone around the heater. Enjoy all types of bath, such as soft feeling and bio-steam cascade or the traditional Finnish sauna, soft steam bath, hot-air bath, humidity bath, herbal bath.

Of course, can the Fechner sauna are also equipped with infrared technology. Here too there is a special soft feeling oven with auxiliary evaporator. A new Fechner innovation is the body shape / daybed, designed by Eberhard Waldenmaier. The 4 x wood finger pivot hinge guarantees easy adjustments to the different reclining positions. This rounded”sunbathing pleasure is made individually and is available in almost any size. Of course the modern LED technology is used for the stimulating color lights, as well as for the different forms of the starry sky. For mental relaxation, backlit glass elements are incorporated in the sauna or the relaxation room.

It is made unique in the glassworks. And everything is made to measure. So the faith finds a place from the basement sauna guarantees under the roof or exterior. That Eberhard Waldenmaier places an emphasis on details and processing, of course, is what is already in the wood selection. For the 70mm logs is only wood standing year rings in Riftsqualitat used. Fechner is a company that saunas and spas opened to customize for your own home. Is placed emphasis on material and processing, combined with a harmonious design. Fechner sets new standards in terms of technology. The special feature of Fechner sauna is the rear oven soft feeling”. This is not only space-saving, but it is also the zone of respect to the furnace, so no risk of burns.



February 17th


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