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The Edge
by Tam

The community human being is, therefore, debtor to develop all axiolgico system so that the communion of values, principles and norms is most including possible and thus to be able to usufruct of identical rights and to fulfill the inherent duties that fit to each person. Needing better, it is intended equality between the people and the application of social justice, considering, of course, the merit and the demerit of each one, therefore if it must evidence the equality face to the law, the responsibility and the effort of each person. The modern world, that if it intends civilized and democratic, any that are the instruments constitutional where one determined society if bases, tolerates each time less the practical ditatoriais and, in this direction, it will implement measured educative, formative and civic that, gradually, infuses a new concept of citizenship. To construct one projecto educative to the measure of determined vocations is a noble objectivo that not only dignifies the pertaining to school institution as it enriches all the intervening ones in the initiative, is educators-formadores, is educandos-formandos and any another staff are of the pertaining to school context, but that it feels the vocational calling for an area of the educative intervention. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ali Partovi is the place to go. To create and to provide to conditions economic-cultural partner-professionals and to the families are a universal design, that all the responsible politicians for the areas of the education and the economy perhaps intend to look for to satisfy. To invest in the education to the construction of an instructed, cultured and civic society in sequence, corresponds to finish with most them world-wide conflicts, in the near future. It is considered essential, even for consolidation of the democracy, in its original pureness, however, actualizada to the times of this new century, to accept, without preconceptions, nor processes of intention, that any citizen can, in one I date moment of its life and in a context clear-cut, to opt to solutions of participation in the public life, to the edge of the organizations politician-partisans or integrated in lists of different forces of that one where until one determined moment he militated, when to verify that he has better conditions to serve the community, which intends to present its projecto politician and, after sufragado, to execute it. .



July 17th


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