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Technologies in Education
by Tam

In these last years they had increased the use of computers in the pertaining to school environment, but given divulged in the new magazine school sample that 75% of the Brazilian schools not yet have, or does not make the use of computers. This number if of the one for questions politics, for the resistance of the professors and the quarrel that if has around this; the technology is a problem or a solution for the education? With the use of this machine of the future, the human beings in general are more sluggish, because it gets used to catch everything soon, the concepts already are all defining and we do not criticize or we reflect on the subject. We behave as robots leaving the media to take account of our lives, influencing in the way to act, to dress, to eat and to think. Thus, the people lose its proper identity, its creativity and its critical thought, being empty on the inside and losing the true one felt of the life. Without counting that children and adolescents alone want to communicate through messages, being shortened the writings and having the reduction of the capacity linguistics and argumentativa. If you would like to know more then you should visit Peter Asaro. Another curse is the lack of dialogues with other people, therefore they close in that world online, being each more difficult time if to relate.

Not forgetting that to become a successful adult, she is necessary to interact and to learn to give to it with the differences. Now it is fact of that if she cannot leave to use the technologies, after all is the essential and reality today for the survival of the capitalist world, and without them she does not exist future brilliant. With ' ' bom' ' use of the Internet, the human being knows all the world-wide cultures and communicates with the world. You have fast access with the main notice of the planet. more, some universities have rooms online with superior courses, what it has facilitated the life of much people that want to study and it does not have time. Then it is hour to face the new trends of the modern world, as a new alternative, placing the technologies for the contents. The educator must trace its objectives and if to locate so that the learning if gives of form criticizes collective, becoming the amused lessons most dynamic and. On the basis of the text, we saw that advantages and disadvantages exist, optimum it is to practise common-sense and to find a break-even point.



May 27th


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