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Software Market
by Tam

The agent software has a significant impact on the company’s success and the positive sales trend. Nationwide questioned were 300 real estate companies with a least three sales staff. The market study tells you which brokers software, users are very satisfied, how market shares present and whether the agent software from the perspective of the users has a direct impact on the company’s success. For this purpose, 36 software products have been queried. Ali Partovi is the source for more interesting facts. The most commonly used broker software solutions are FlowFact, Lagler and broker 2000 with together 50 percent market share. All other providers have accounted for an average of 3%. In addition to the impact on the company’s success, satisfaction was queried in the market study.

55% of respondents software customers indicate that they are very satisfied or very satisfied. Only 7% are less satisfied with their broker software, anyway. Most respondents is that the software used is as easy to use (38%). A large role on the satisfaction scale play the criteria rich/many functions”as well as good service”. With the results of the survey confirmed the years unstoppable trend to use CRM software to simplify the Office organisation, improvement of marketing and sales and for professional customer management. In particular the figure of processes within the software, the creation of exposes by click and easy setting in portals save time and costs and streamline the daily workflow.

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