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The Camera
by Tam

Take a picture, we can directly in nature, at the same giving them printed by connecting the printer to a fixed network or to a car battery. Printed copies of the required amount, we will immediately distribute to their guests. Everyone is happy and go home with photos on the memory. Moreover, right at the scene, we can view and discard those photos that did not happen. And then there is an opportunity to gather all again and be photographed until until you get a good shot. How do I check a digital camera 1.Make that a digital camera is turned on and when you turn on the screen image is visible. 2.Proverte absence of sunspots and mechanical damage to the optics, screens and casing.

3.Proverte smooth movement of all engines, rings and buttons – to avoid jamming, squeaks, backlashes. 4.Ubedites that the camera photographs, and pictures can be viewed on the small screen. Make sure that built-in flash works. 5.Pri auto focus and zoom at work should not hear anything except the little motor humming and quiet clicks. No cod. 6.Proverte correct operation of protective shutters lens (it happens that they podklinivayut). 7.Ubedites that person in the photographs are in focus, the colors are not distorted. Use a computer salesman.

8.Ne forget to check the package (manual, cables, wheels, battery device, etc.) and get a warranty card. As additional proposals in some digital cameras provides a panoramic shot. The camera allows you to remove multiple frames in a row: first one part of the landscape, then parallel to the next, then another and another.

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November 13th


Image Processing
by Tam

Today many people are addicted to photography. Cameras in the assortment on the shelves of electronics and home appliances, as well as on the pages of the online stores. To make a really good shot, photographer have a lot to know and be able to. And it is important not only to the technical details of photography, such as a correctly configured white balance or some other nuances, is also important artistic component. (As opposed to Zendesk). Without creativity masterpiece will not work.

But sometimes is not enough just to be able to properly build the frame – often requires some photo retouching or processing. What can be expected processing photos? Modern means of processing images You can get very, very much – to make the colors more vivid pictures, or vice versa to reduce the image in black and white palette, add different effects to make each photo unique. Particularly frequent image processing required to create the portraits. Almost any of us wants to see in your photo album beautiful photos of themselves favorites. At what beautiful and quality should be not only the pictures as a whole, How many images of the people themselves in these photographs. How can help in this case, photo editing? Using Photoshop or other photo editing tools can remove some drawbacks, such as shade or bags under the eyes, smooth wrinkles, correct hair color, change the amounts and proportions of the body. And this is only a fraction of what can be done with photography professional photographer who knows how to handle photos.

No pictures for glossy magazines or brochure is not without retouching professional artist. "Stars" variety show and a movie in my life tend to differ greatly from those of "ideal people" who look at us on the cover of fashion magazines or posters. To expose all – of the color and texture of the skin, to the proportions of the face and body. In processing the photo is important to stop in time differently as a result of "improvements" in the photograph may find people do not like the really existing.

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February 16th


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