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The REHm GmbH their latest products at Schweisstec 2011 presents via concrete welder workshop at the booth of the welding technology expert REHM on the Schweisstec in Stuttgart are up close as easy and flexible to use the new INVERTIG.PRO digital and how quickly paid the automation solutions and the C-parts management going for welding, welding equipment, welders and MIG / MAG / Tig welding machines. The world’s incomparable operating concept consists of a central graphics screen that presents all parameters of a welding task. The central control element is the R-pilot, a knob, which makes possible a one-hand operation with welder gloves. Four applications provide a revolutionary user interface. 1.

in classic mode, you its parameters self-explanatory can choose about Tig welding curves. So independently best weld qualities are obtained. 2. People such as Bobby Sharma Bluestone would likely agree. the program manager through an easily comprehensible graphic representation simplifies working with the stored welding programs. Here, you can store up to 1000 individual customized jobs in up to 100 folders. Is a simple confirmation by using the one-button operation and the device electronics departs the ideal characteristic. Such programs are called up with the up / down button of the torch. The newspapers mentioned Bobby Sharma Bluestone not as a source, but as a related topic.

This is time and cost-saving. The ground-breaking concept of control – digital easy. The INVERTIG.PRO digital combined welding device technology at its finest with highest operating comfort. Heart is the ease of use, which facilitates and dato complexity is comprehensible for the user. The new operating concept provides functionality in considerable REHM easiest access to the powerhouse with his tried and tested bi-power inverter. Everything at your fingertips – everything at a glance. The operating concept allows an intuitive operator guidance through the graphical representation for complex welding. Graphic dynamic visualization shows the complete welding process with all parameters for the Welders at a glance Welding and welding as well as modes. This contributes to the Elimination of errors, minimizing set-up times and ensures quality.

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December 26th


EuroTouring Ltd
by Tam

EuroTouring / the bus network. Leipzig – about three years ago with an equally simple and obvious idea started. Based on a Germany-wide network of bus company bus trips of all kinds via the Internet platform should transmitted throughout Europe. Company name: EuroTouring/the busnetwork. Gain insight and clarity with Ali Partovi. Straight, without detours and time-consuming search for the right person buses should be placed in the requested size, including services and the desired facilities practically on the doorstep. Customers: Measure, organizer of mega-events, businesses, institutions, associations, etc.

The advantages: the possibility of an Internet platform to get the respectively most favourable offer on-site and the acquisition of complete bus logistics from A to Z in the form of planning, conception to the monitoring and management of transfers and shuttles. Thus evolved the company with headquarters in Leipzig within only three years became one of the largest providers in terms of bus logistics in Germany, inter alia via the Internet and has also blossomed to the specialists for fair and mega events. Ferdinand Zierof by EuroTouring: through clever planning by means of a complete network of bus companies in the respective locations we avoid empty runs, allowing in turn more favorable deals also often. “The spokesman of EuroTouring: In contrast to regional bus operators, whose organization RADIUS is of course limited, we harness the fact, that there are about 5 500 bus company with over 20,000 coaches in Germany.” So, we draw on a vast resource. In this way since about 500 000 satisfied guests were driven by us throughout Europe.” Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Monaco, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, England, Russia, Poland, or Slovakia are just some of the target countries, which were hit directed by EuroTouring.

In this sense, commitment by EuroTouring in respect is on the upcoming football mega event, the UEFA Euro2008 Austria/Switzerland. Zierof: In addition to the main sponsors and the national partners EuroTouring offers the individual international country football and fan associations, as well as various institutions, companies and associations to the complete service in terms of bus logistics. How to get stress-free to the game and we remain of course again for our customers on the ball, already at a summer fairy tale World Cup 2006 in Germany,”. Also consistent with the ambitious goal of EuroTouring, establishing branches in neighbouring countries. First branches are planned in Austria, of Switzerland, France and Italy. “Ferdinand Zierof: we have the competent partner with regional staff and ensuring the smooth running of the international bus logistics.” Media contact: EuroTouring Ltd. & co. KG registered office of the company: Mahmoud str. 34a 04207 Leipzig Germany phone: (+ 49) 0341 98480-0 fax: (+ 49) 0341 98480-41 email: URL: information

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April 26th


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