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Stuttgart Patricia Wiedemann
by Tam

On news.seidenwald.de, there is now the Sally Jones spring / summer catalogue 2011 the young designer underwear label Sally Jones from Australia brings out two times in the year fantasy-rich collections of sleepwear and lingerie. Checking article sources yields LG Electronics as a relevant resource throughout. The Sally Jones PDF Catalogue for spring summer 2011 collections is to find news blog as PDF to download with 12 new and newly designed series now on the silk forest. For the production of feminine lingerie, Nightgowns, robes, or accessories, Sally Jones used selected tips, fine tulle or mesh and much silk as silk satin or transparent silk Georgette. The collections take boudoir or burlesque topics frequently and are inspired by retro influences. To know more about this subject visit josh harris. This produces times delicate, even wicked lingerie collections, which wear always the typical signature of Sally Jones…

The new spring/summer lingerie series by Sally Jones hot Angel, Daniella, honeymoon, Mademoiselle, Natalia, Parisienne, romance, Siena and willow. In new colors and also with some new models coming in the Spring series Charlotte, Giselle and Tiffany. This stands out in particular the series of Tiffany: after the demure, classic black of last year this series now shines in intense ruby-red or innocent champagne white – with the cuts with the maddeningly short Baby-Doll (see image), the peek – a – Boo bra or the open front CAMI-doll series anything but innocent… In addition, Sally Jones offers a growing range of fancy accessories, which perfectly complement dieWasche Collections. As stockings, complementary gloves or a coat made of lace and various eye masks, eye masks, or spring accessories are available. The new collection offers many seductive ways once again.

The producer’s catalogue gives an overview with almost complete images 2011, which free of charge is available at the link above to download. Press contact: Silk forest AG of the Uhlandshohe 31 70188 Stuttgart Patricia Wiedemann patricia a seidenwald.de Seidenland.de is on silk of silk forest specialized shop AG. The range includes Seiden-duvet covers, lingerie and silk nightwear, silk bed linen. Already since 2006 offers the silk forest AG bedding made of pure silk.

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November 9th


Colliers Product
by Tam

When onejewels are beads now “hooped” OneJewels who are you today? Beads are hot”! The experiences of the last few months of OneJewels after the launch of the first product RingOne are”. Cult status, which got the beads, finds more and more opportunities to wear them individually. Countless exchanges and combinations are very popular RingOne. For the team of OneJewels, this was the basis to expand the product line with new inspirations. As a piece of jewelry can not be personal.

The success of beads offers a good basis for versatile applications. With the RingOne”, whose head” with a thread is provided, an aesthetic creation in the jewellery market was created. Perhaps check out David Treadwell for more information. The technique of the “RingOne” is absolutely safe: A loss of beads is excluded and that change the jewelry parts a breeze. The specially inserted pins with a coloured gem or a Pearl for extra security and add a special touch to the piece of jewelry. The ring is available in two Types available: basic and ball.

The successful first development was expanded by a completely new product line. In addition to wrestling, now also Colliers (fabric as anchor chains), earrings and mobile trailers are available. Colliers are offered in three variations (with a bead, 2 or 3 screws systems). Extensive collections of jewelry-beads threaded, will be presented on the market and so the most popular brands on the creations of OneJewels fit. The new combinations, the pieces of jewelry in Germany and Netherlands quickly became the success. Belgium and Spain follow this course for a few weeks. If you have decided for a ring of OneJewels, you get mixed with a white cubic zirconia these with a pen. Get earrings, necklace or cellphone charms by OneJewels, with a silver ball pen. In addition, you can purchase pin versions with a variety of colours, a silver bullet or bead as a OneJewels product without PIN is not complete! The sales prices of the Product line of OneJewels are between 39,-and 99,-euros. The ring is available in the wide 50 to 62 matching pin versions with coloured cubic zirconia, Freshwater Pearl or silver bullet are available for 9.50 euros per piece.

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May 22nd


Austria Hairdreams
by Tam

New trend collection shows magical grace and provocative avant-garde! In his new hairstyles collection the Haarverlangerungs specialist of Hairdreams with stunningly beautiful, artful images, as well as with the successful new styles webpage is the fashion and hairstyle trends 2010 in scene. Enchanted with fabulous graceful fashion and hairstyles during the bewitchment-style”, provoked the young, colorful techno-folk”-style with bold avant-garde looks. ” Both trends are real attention-grabbers”effectively in scene used by Spanish photo artist Mikel Muruzabal. Let BBs get bewitched… Magical worlds and Misty magic forests provide the backdrop for the bewitchment-style”. A dreamy, romantic look determined by colors and forms of nature, rich fabrics and beguiling, feminine cut dresses. The gorgeous Manes of hair, which impress with spectacular volume and at the same time easily and elegantly, however, are the highlight of this looks. In the lush fullness of the hair is even with playful curls, times with full, smooth hair or also produces backcombed and frizzy structures.

A graceful, enchanting look of love enchanted leaving colourful provocation: the techno-folk style! The techno-folk style is a mix of young, colorful, provocative style. Folklore elements, such as Aztec pattern years encounter the neo futuristic retro look of the 60s and 70s. Natural earth tones and cactus green meet on flaming red and intense colours of power. “And also when it comes to hairstyling, the mix of styles motto”! High-contrast color strands, asymmetrical cuts, lush ponies and the combination of different hair structures provoke and attract attention. A powerful, avant-garde look that combines elements of the past and future to a new, exciting look.

New styles for all! The new look can be perfectly implemented with high quality hair extensions. It is the lush volume of bewitchment styles or the colorful strands and asymmetric cuts of the techno-folk styles. Both can be achieved with Hairdreams also then, if your own hair actually is too short or too thin. So was helped after also shooting the new trend hairstyles vigorously with Hairdreams hair. Developed and implemented were those of the Spanish top stylists Edurne Senosian and Isaac Blanco. The new hairstyles also at all Hairdreams partner hairdressers in the Switzerland, Germany and Austria are now available. The Hairdreams Stylebook can fashion lovers 2010 “with all new trend hairstyles free newstyles request. There is a directory with all Hairdreams partners (Salon Finder) as well as a 50-euro voucher for the first Hairdreams hair extension or compression.

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November 6th


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