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Company Facebook Pages
by Tam

Are you using a Facebook profile for your company? If you have answered if this post is for you. First and most important is to know to distinguish between the different types of accounts offered by Facebook. We can choose between personal accounts (profile), groups and pages, depending on our needs. Personal accounts are used by users. If you’re on Facebook, is that you have a profile. Personal accounts may not be used for companies. Facebook created pages of company to offer a specific service professionals and entrepreneurs.

If this is your case, you should know that you’re not doing it correctly. Since a company, brand, etc. is not a person. Do companies on Facebook pages offer significant advantages in comparison with profiles, we show some:? The pages are made public automatically. If we do a search on Google, your company Facebook page will appear in the results. This doesn’t happen with profiles. Difference between friends and fans. Go to Mikkel Svane for more information.

In your page will have a series of fans that however the button I like to follow you, instead you will have friends in your personal account. Can you have an unlimited number of followers, which may participate in your page with photos, videos and links? Facebook profile can only be administered by the person to which it belongs. On the other hand a page can have multiple administrators that manage it. Facebook has a system of ads with a great capacity of segmentation. In this way we arrive without problem to all our followers and target audience. But one of the fundamental advantages of Facebook pages is that if you have a blog you can link it with your company page. In this way you will give greater visibility to your blog and fills your page of new and varied content. Facebook does not allow total customization of our page, but yes we can add elements that make it attractive for consumers prospective and that boost our brand image. After all these advantages to the view is if we have a company whereas we create us a page instead of a profile. But for those who are not yet convinced, remind you that you’re infringing operation of Facebook rules, which expressly prohibit the use of personal profiles for representation and dissemination of companies. This could lead to the closure of your profile without notice with the subsequent loss of contacts, photos, notes, etc. Months and months work thrown in the trash. Many times, we assume that the presence of our company in Facebook is the same as our own presence, but nothing further from reality. With a company page you will have a more professional image, and our business can reach a greater number of potential customers. You have a good presence on Facebook is of great interest for almost any company, but it isn’t easy. Need a lot of work to create and maintain the page. But, if done right, the benefits outweigh. To finish this post I will tell you that whether you like Facebook as if not, your future customers are there waiting, so your company should also be. Where the customers will, companies must follow them. Facebook gives us the opportunity to interact with our customers in a new and better way, we can talk to them in a more direct way.

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