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Sudoku As A Gift
by Tam

Sudoku is currently one of the most famous puzzzles in the world. The number puzzle was developed in 1979 by Howard Garms in New York, but only in the 80s than in Japan Sudoku known. Since 2004 it has been reprinted in The Times every day millions of people worldwide toss it. There are now no longer Sudoku only on paper in newspapers, TV magazines or puzzle books, but also as a mobile game, the online games on the Internet or downloaded for printing. Many sites offer daily new puzzles. The rules are easy to understand, but a game depending on the difficulty sometimes very tricky, so that will be tinkered with a puzzle for hours.

A typical Sudoku consists of nine times nine boxes within a large square which is divided into nine Unterquadrate. The fields are such that occur in every row, every column and every Unterquadrat the numbers 1-9 only once. are given, depending on how many numbers in the squares, the solution is sometimes easier, sometimes harder. In addition to the original game, there are other variants such as “X-Sudoku” or “Samurai”. From easy to “demonize” difficult – Sudoku is available for all types of Ratselfans.

The choice of solution strategy it is up to each and is best reserved to find out by trial and error. Today, there are everywhere Sudoku puzzle fans. They speculate on the train, at school, at work, in the evening just at home everywhere. Sudoku puzzles can be very good to use as a gift. It does not matter whether you give a simple sudoku sudoku Raselblock or a magnetic or an electronic Sudoku as a gift. The Sudoku fans will enjoy it anyway. Quality images can be the Sudoku puzzle to solve it online or make prints themselves. Thus, one independent of the replenishment times each, and can operate on his hobby.

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